Two Directions- One Journey

For each stain removed, there must be a new experience to take its place.

On this journey I don’t intend to dwell in the threads of dark memories forever. My intent is to walk through the caves viewing the prehistoric, yet fresh drawings and walk out with the necessary tools and lessons learnt. For it is my opinion, that  healing and growth cannot be achieved without taking a real look at the facts, damage or battles of our past experiences. To think the opposite is similar to expecting that the tooth fairy will show up with money for your old tooth. But hey that’s just my opinion.

With each cave visit, I will keep holding on the light rays of my present life. Though it may be far from perfect, I know what it could have been. And in that lies my Perfection.

The hills and valleys on my path today, more represent a constant cycle of laughter and tears. But that’s Okay. For within this fabric lies the smiles of my daughters. Their gift of laughter competes with any musical instruments, As it is has always been their ability from birth to lift any spirit and set one’s energy right. Their love strengthens my very core, motivating me to never give up and fight through any disappointment or self doubt.

Together we will intertwine our own design of what we want our present and future to be.

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