My closet is full, there is just no more room for anything else.

Okay we are all grown folks, so can someone tell me why so many of us remain comfortable with packing more and more shit ( told you that we were grown) into our emotional closets. I mean no matter how you try to pack it, pile it, rename it, or hide it away in the back of our minds; at the end of the day emotional shit is emotional shit.

Wrapping a pretty bow around it and saying that “this is part of being an adult” or “this is who I am” is just a politically correct way of saying ” I am not ready/ too afraid/not skilled enough to open the doors to what you have kept hidden behind door number 1, 2 and 3. I understand that it’s a process and it takes years for people to peep in between the door cracks at the collage of memories. Trust me I understand ( my closet is bigger than most bedrooms). I’ve been there on the verge of soul cleaning with my hands on the doors. And from the first sight, I would slam the door shut, and try to put mental walls in front of it, to protect myself from the inner boogie man.

What I have a tiny, nagging problem with, is when some of us see people camped out in front of their shit pile, trying to figure out where to start. Then with the personality and pompousness of a Victorian courtesan, we choose to judge them for having baggage.

Maybe its me, but what gives any of us the right to add to another person’s load, knowing that we have our closets reeking and  packed to capacity. Though our closets may be freshly painted on the outside with fake smiles and material possessions, it is still a closet. The pretty decals we’ve placed on our  closets have fooled us into believing that we don’t carry any baggage. Outside the doors  we have littered  pretty possessions that we bought to silent the creaks of the doors. Or maybe the pointless social groups and sexual parades have hypnotized us to thinking that everything is okay. Society has demanded that we show no faults, weakness or any sign of imperfection and in that we are quick to point out another’s flaws, while hiding our own.

Screw society, Yes I said it. Screw society and all of it’s unrealistic expectations. You are only given one life. Society has been going strong since Adam and Eve, and I have a strong belief that it will keep going after us. To do this there are just three steps. Step one, admit to yourself that you are not perfect and that you have your own pile of dirty laundry and emotional baggage. Based on your own level of inflated ego the next step may prove to be a tad difficult- Stop judging other emotional  hoarders, at least publicly. Our thoughts can be dangerous, but our words can be deadly to another person. Step three, walk in front of your own closet grab the knob and throw those doors open.

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