Friday Morning Moment:

As today is Friday, my favorite day of the week. I’ve decided that on most Fridays I will take a break away from the deeper topics and let you travel through some of the things that brings a smile to my eyes. (I am more than open to write about what makes you smile on a Friday… but you will have to email me that list) With that said, let’s begin the Friday journey.

I CANT SING, This is a fact. And no I don’t mean that I can’t sing well. I mean that even though my mind can travel on the notes of a well composed song, my voice is incapable of making the journey. This is a personal defect that I have accepted over the years and will never allow it to deter my love affair with music. Then again, to call it a love affair, would be downplaying the truth that I breathe better while listening to music.

There are three particular songs that can easily remain on repeat for entire days ( depending on my mood), as they represent a glimpse into my own personal soundtrack to life. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a romantic at heart. Yes not too deep down under my persona, there is a desire to believe that there is still true romantic gushy love. The kind that makes you blush for no reason, and want to sing at the top of your lungs. Clearly for the sake of humanity, I will keep it to a loud whisper. For these  moments I have my go to songs that easily set my mood for the day, or at least remind me that there is Love.


Song #1 Tumbling Down by Tessanne Chin. http://youtu.be/sY_nDgC-IhA  Now this isn’t the average love song but that it is where the beauty lies, this is a real song. To me it speaks to that point in love where lovers/partners are battling various forms of problems and are unsure of where their future or sanity lies. Yet through the chaos of it all, no matter the drama; their love is strong enough to “Tumble Down” together. And no not the Jack and Jill crap they teach kids in nursery rhymes, for clearly I did not teach my daughters to go falling down to big ass hill after no little boy, to keep his company at the bottom. This clearly is not the infatuation love or situationship (like is that even a word) love/lust. This is grown folks, “I may not like you right now, and I may not really like you much more tomorrow, but my love is eternal love” (now that is some deep stuff)


Song #2. Beneath your Beautiful by Labrinth & Emeli Sandehttp://youtu.be/alVMR2KEuhM This is the beginning of love song. The testing the depth of the pool song. This is when your eyes are still scarred from your previous attempts at love and your fragile heart remains hidden behind emotional walls. Then in comes Labrinth & Emeli with their magical voices, seeping through the walls to find your heart beat. The lyrics beg you to give someone a chance to know and love the real you. The song captures the moment of finding the person worth breaking down your walls, to give love another chance. It gives me goose bumps at the challenge and reward offered in the song.


Song#3 Late Nights & Early Mornings by Marsha Ambrosius. http://youtu.be/4t5XTjmiRlY Now, this bad boy is a grown, grown folk’s song. Marsha has a way of making you want to put that wine to chill, cook (or order) his favorite meal, break out that new lingerie, set out those new soft sheets and of course her CD. Yes this song does all that and some more. The lyrics do not shy from their intentions, but go straight to the delicious moment, when you thank the heavens that you are indeed grown.

Of course there are many other songs and various genres that I listen to, but even if I named ten songs per day, for an entire year. The surface of my love affair with music would still remain untouched.


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