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Intimacy and Hamburgers

To describe the act of intimacy to someone who has never experienced or observed it; is similar to trying to explain the difference between hamburger and steak. Yes I can eat a hamburger. I have enjoyed many burgers. But Bloody hell a steak is a steak. And at the end of the day, I want my steak (medium well done, in case anyone was interested)

I like intimacy. Intimacy allows you to be yourself with no fear of judgment. Two open hearts/minds allowing the universe to just be. No games, none of society’s or our own self-imposed rules. Some people know each other for years and are still unable to reach the point in their relationship where true intimacy is achieved. Whereas, there are strangers who can connect with each other fully with no hold bars. This can just be based on the level of baggage that each person carries in their emotional closet and their willingness to walk fully and completely uncovered for that other person to see.

Because I am able to feel (not something I often enjoy) other people’s energy, their emotional closets tend to feel like brick walls falling on my back when there is too much interaction. For this reason, though I like to be around others, I always have to take quiet moments by myself to balance the day. It is not that I don’t want to get closer to some people or even have an “entertainment moment”. I would love to. But history has shown that the end result is that of me taking weeks, months or even more ( depending on their toxic level); to fight my way through the layers of their dark emotional faeces ( yes I could of typed residue, I never get to say faeces in normal conversation). This process can be very tiring and irritating, and I’m sorry some people are just not worth the hassle.

Instead I try, and I do mean try as I am no angel or saint, to wait for the moment of intimacy. That moment in a friendship, courtship, situation, love (pick a word). And yes, I do not think that sex is a requirement of intimacy. You can have banging sex with someone and never achieve intimacy whether physically or emotionally. I do hope that when my Intimate connections occur that my energy would be on point (free of other people’s energy) and I would be open enough to allow mind (maybe body) to experience and appreciate the moment and the source.

Real connection and intimacy is like a meal, not a sugar fix.

Kristin Armstrong

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