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There is always a moment where you can choose to follow the path in front of you, the one that everyone else thinks is best suited for you. You can choose to step away from the in crowd and actually make your own path, or live a life of just being okay. And for many people, okay is enough. I have a feeling that just being okay will be enough for me.

I am content to accept that not everyone will understand the decisions that I choose to make in my life, just as I may not understand why they make their decisions. In actuality, sometimes you won’t even understand why you are making some of your own decisions. And this is Okay. Sometimes you just have to do it.

This does not mean that everything is going to be easy. If you think that you will achieve great things by just wishing it into existence without hard work, you have a next thing coming. To achieve real reward, real risk and real work must be mixed together with prayer and straight out determination. But the one thing that nobody seems to tell anyone, is that as you get close to the path, Shit is going to happen. shitAnd I mean all heck is going break loose. You are going to feel overwhelmed and out of control of your universe. If you let this emotion into your core, you will lose your direction and come off balance. I have had those moments, I may be walking out of one right now.

The only true way to regain balance is to accept your role in the universe and overstand (love the term overstand much more than I love understand) that not everything within the universe was created for you to control. Your energy within the universe will attract all of the tools that you need to not only survive but to flourish in any interaction, relationship, project and job.  There will be opportunities that will present themselves out of “nowhere” to you, once your energy is open to it. There are people out there that you may just happen to come across. That one conversation with the right attitude can open pathways to you that you may have previously thought were closed or didn’t even know that they exist; but you have to be open and ready.

The problem that most of us have, is that many of us do not realize that our own energy, outside of God’s great intervention, is the main force that decides what happens next. There can be a thousand possibilities open to you and all the resources that can get you to where you need to be. It’s up you to actually open up and make yourself available. You have to be willing to let go of negative situations, attitudes and people, to allow the universe to set things right. And while you are waiting for your world to find balance, try helping others to achieve theirs. It can be a stranger, an acquaintance, some special cause that catches your interest, whatever and whoever it is you have to invest yourself selflessly. You can’t just think about you and your situation that will be out of your control half of the time, but what is in your control, is the ability to do good for others. Who knows even within those selfless moments, you may find your own balance.

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