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The Universe has a sense of humor

If I’ve never said it before, I am saying it now. The Universe has a sense of humor, and not a simple childlike humor. The Universe has an Eddie Murphy Raw or Queens of Comedy level of humor (oh my, I just aged myself with that reference).

So last night while having a semi peaceful ice-cream moment; yes I am starting to replace alcohol and a few other things with ice-cream. It is a process that allows me to indulge no matter the time of day or activity. For example eating ice-cream while helping your child with their school project is way more acceptable than drinking wine. Yet both are effective in helping a parent sit through the process of creating a model of an eye (or whatever project the school has inflicted on parents that week).

Now on this beautiful semi peaceful evening, as I bonded with Vanilla, my new best friend, over music (my forever best friend); my WhatsApp messenger lights up my phone. I have some great nocturnal friends so my phone going off at nights is not something new. I smiled eager to read what joke they had for me this night. BIG mistake. Clearly I thought the universe was still on my side and that my balance of good deeds vs bad deeds was still balanced. Nah I was wrong. sideClearly my thoughts and activity conjured up in my dreams (my dreams rock), had knocked the scale off balance and the universe thought it would have some fun with me.

“In your area, thinking of dropping by”


  1. Didn’t we have this conversation, where I clearly expressed in the best English ever, that I was not interested?
  2. Everyone knows that there is no dropping by my home. It’s my home, the nest that I raise my daughters and unless you and I are in a serious long term-ish relationship, you never enter my door in their presence. I don’t mix motherhood and being an adult woman in the same glass, it never mixes well.
  3. Again did I not tell you that I am not interested? No I don’t want to be entertained by you. I have Scandal and now Empire for that. No I’m not lonely, and even if I was, there isn’t anything that you can offer to stimulate my mind or soul. This does not make me a prude, I am the furthest thing from a prude. I am just not interested in throwing off my balance.

See I have made it a point that I no longer encourage or entertain negative energy in my life. entertainAt my age it is no longer cute or considered experimental. It is just damn SAD when you know better and you keep doing the same thing. If I am going to spend time with someone, it is going to be because I want to. It is because I have reviewed the situation and I feel that being around that person makes me want to do better and motivate me to reach goals. I spend time with people that bring out the nurturer in me, people that allow me to be at peace and inspire me to just be me. People who make me laugh and smile by just being them. So even the idea of a hamburger (see earlier posts for reference) blocks my energy and just won’t do.

So again I tried to be nice and explain why I won’t go to dinner with them, a drink or allow a drop by. This must count as my good deed for the week, as deep down for I really want to scream “ I rather, and am more satisfied by, sleeping next to an empty ice-cream carton, than any entertainment that you can ever offer”.

But as I am working on my universal balance, I guess it is best to choose the nicer approach (for now).

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