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Are you willing to live like a Plant

My garden has the most beautiful plants. Okay I will keep it real. My landlady has the most beautiful garden, I do not possess a green thumb, never even tried. After returning from a recent eye opening trip (whole story in itself), I noticed two plants. Now I actually thought that they were newly planted (my landlady has this thing about planting and being in her garden all hours of the night, got to love her). But after further examination, I realized that they had been there much longer than we had been living in the apartment.

These two tall, green beauties were originally planted in the back of the garden near the wall, destined to stand in the background. The original plan was a good plan as their natural wide leaves would help highlight the other plants well. But I guess standing in the background was not something these two were comfortable with, and with that they moved over six feet outwards. Their roots showed that it wasn’t a straight forward journey, there were turns made to bypass various obstacles

Being curious, I put my suitcase down and took a closer look.  (Again, I am not a plant person, I loveeeee flowers, but green palms normally wouldn’t get a second look).These two plants however caught my full attention (which I have since named Phoenix and Lioness) had taken a “plant step” back, dug deep into the grown and set out for where they wanted to be ( six feet in front). Clearly they were never comfortable with their surroundings and just because everyone was comfortable with it, didn’t mean shit to them.tree

I believe that we can learn from everything in our universe and that day my teachers were Phoenix and Lioness and their lesson included the following tips:

  • Sometimes where we start out is not where we are meant to end up
  • Sometimes you have to step out of the shadows and work to get your light
  • Just because everyone else is comfortable with your surroundings and the roles given to them, doesn’t mean that you have to be.
  • Not everyone with you, is going to walk the same journey with you
  • Not everyone with you , is going to encourage and motivate you to walk away from the norm
  • Don’t make the journey all about the destination, draw strength and pride from every obstacle and wall that you break down.

As I am presently evolving/transitioning to where I want to be, I am very grateful for my universal teachers. The more I accept that what I am experiencing is natural, my destiny and not an accident, the more the universe is opening my mind to countless possibilities. Possibilities that previously played never played a part in my dreams. It is kind of scary when I allow self-doubt to enter, I mean all of this is taking me out of my comfort zone. But so has every obstacle/struggle or drama in my life. And with the grace of God, I have overcome each one. Or at least am in the process of overcoming, (I’m still a work in progress).

**Will add a picture of the plants sometime soon

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