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A Moment

A moment where the moon does not need you to make it’s habitual destined movement around the earth.

A moment when the flowers do not need to feel the warmth of your smile instead of opening their petals to the morning rays.

A moment where humans do not depend on your lungs to inhale and exhale for their daily breath.

Just A Moment

Just One Moment

A moment of invisibility. A moment of peace. A moment where the sea will continue to gently caress the golden sands, without the need to break down its shores.

A moment where silence and whispers fold and turn the lines of pain and stress into lines of joy and laughter.

Where birds are free to sing joyfully through their daily aerial dance.birds

Just A Moment

Just One Moment….But will this Moment come.

For instead, the combination of tears and screams stifle my throat. My eyes burn in their effort to wall back the tsunami forcing their way to my emotional shores. For the deafening silence trapped by the triple cages of determination, sacrifice and fear, heavily guarded by loyalty; stands shaking as it bleeds again.

For there has been No Moment

For there may be No Moment

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