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You Rock

Why is it so hard to say good job, I am proud of you, you inspire me, keep up the good work or shouting “you rock”? It appears that the human mind has given up on it’s ability to encourage others and show genuine empathy. The simple joy of encouraging one another and helping the next person appears to be lost.

Yes you will hear the few “congrats” but that normally comes with a fake smile and sly remarks behind the person’s back (sometimes to their face) Can’t we take a true moment to actually empathize with another human being and acknowledge the hard work, mental, physical and many times emotional work that they must climbed over? Can’t we acknowledge the negative energy that they swam through to get to the other side?

There are enough forces that try to keep people from achieving their goals- from dreaming outside the box: boxWhy do we have to be an additional force? Recently I have seen a few friends, even strangers achieve their goals. I have felt great pride in their achievements. Some have even made me cry tears of joys knowing what they had to overcome. Yet with each one I have heard mention and witnessed the many people who tried to keep them from attaining their dreams and the many who outwardly doubted them along the way (it is one thing to doubt someone in your mind, why do you have to verbalize your emotional feces to the dreamer).

Come on people stop it. Stop stifling others with your own cowardly fear to dream. Stop limiting people to the path we have walked. Let them try. If they fall, dust them off, encourage them and tell them to go back at it.

For those of you (us) who still have dreams. It is time to look within yourself. There will be times that no one will understand your vision.look The true reason for this, is that the vision is YOURS. It may not fit everyone’s preconceived vision of who you are and what you should do. Guess what? That OK. When you are old and sitting on your porch sipping some spiked lemonade (oh yes I’m gonna spike my lemonade), reminiscing of the unfulfilled life you lived; not one of them is going to be there to hold your hand and wipe your tears. You may now have the respect of family and friends for having achieved what they consider to be important goals. But would you have earned your own respect?

You have to look within yourself and be willing to dream. Then you have to take the steps needed to make those dreams possible. If no one around you share similar dreams, Google people who have. The world is yours, and Google is your new best friend. Find people who have done similar things. And research how they did it. Reach out them and ask. Of course not all of them will reply, some may be scared by your personal drive. But 1 out of 100 may just answer back. You only need ONE. For those of you who have dreams that have never been seen. Then reach out the master creator. To me this is done through prayer. I acknowledge that not everyone shares my religion. Some of you may not be religious at all, for those of you, I would suggest looking to the universe for direction then ( the universe can be an inspiring place). To each their own and there is always some external, creative force of inspiration. It will come to you, trust me.

All I ask is that once you have reached your goal, look back and try and inspire someone else to reach theirs.

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  • Mahlon Z. Goma

    I’m a huge fan of your work. Particilarly, since I think, express, live your words daily. Kudos!

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