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Angels must be programming my reality show

Sometimes the Universe must enjoy looking into my life. I mean there must be moments when angels get together for my reality show. But with my show the viewer get to actually have a say in how the plot unfolds. I must make some real good TV, there is enough drama, suspense, comedy, outrageous characters with a splash of sass to keep even me tuned in.

So this week’s show (or this week in my life) I have been trying to dig deeper within myself to find my purpose. Satisfaction with life cannot simply be a good career. I refuse to believe that the only reason that I am on this earth is to help someone else make money, by sitting at a desk and playing FBI through piles of documents. Note I am good at what I do, I am thankful for the opportunity and I do enjoy it, but this cannot be the only reason I am here, taking up oxygen on earth.

I have always tried in every aspect of my life to offer a kind word, or word of encouragement to other people. It could be a random strangers walking by, students or a close friend. You ever realize that a random stranger will accept encouragement and motivation before your own peers would….but that’s life. peersIn motivating others I feel like I am planting seeds of positive energy. I don’t do it to get something back out of it, as most of the times I don’t really know the people and couldn’t be bothered if they remember me the next day. But the idea of being able to help someone smile or getting them over that hurdle from point A to B, puts out enough energy into the universe to help balance all the negative energy. I know I am not the only one who does this, as I have been blessed to know a few people through life who share the same mentality as me when it comes to positive energy.

But this week actually the past two weeks the universe decided to switch things up on me. I became the stranger walking by and other people, a few who I have never actually met, changed it up on me. I have had people for no good reason, speak life into me. I have had people encourage me to not just take a few steps, but to dive off the known into the unknown. Their selfless encouragement has shocked my system, very similar to those shows where you see the hospital staff shocking a near death patient. My whole system has been awakened with a new pulse. My thought pattern, though mines has taken leaps from the norm.system

My intentions last night were to sleep, some good old fashion, deep sleep to help my body recover from sinus issues. I checked on my kids, said my prayers and slipped into bed, for what I thought would be a normal night. But last night was not like the others. I knew at some point that I must have slept, as my body feels rested. But I know I was awake. My thoughts were those of projections, not dreams. I laid in bed with my eyes open looking at the preview for my life. I saw myself not just achieving goals I had previously set for myself, but living a satisfied and purpose filled life. I was doing things that I never knew I was capable of doing, yet my spirit knew it was me. I know someone reading this would say that I must have ate late and dreamed it all, but nope it was not a dream. I actually sat up in bed and could see the steps to take, the people, the direction…. That energy that was passed from angels through strangers allowed me to see Me. Not the shy woman with limited resources to achieve a few goals. But a woman who would use unlimited resources to advance herself and others.

I am no scientist, but I am sure that energy can manifest itself to be actually seen. Positive energy spoken (in some cases typed) somehow allowed me to see a map from where I am presently to where I am going to be (I didn’t type need to be, because I am going to go there). It also allowed me to see how powerful words can be and has motivated me even more to keep speaking life into others. I know this post may have been about Me, but I want to share this energy with anyone who may need it ( I may be greedy when it comes to good food, but good energy is meant to be shared) So if there is anyone reading this who feels the need for encouragement let me know I don’t know the answers to everything, but sometimes with the right energy and attitude, all things are possible.

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