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Peppermint Tea, Cookies, Clones, Vaginas and My Random Thoughts

This is normally the part of the day where I sit back with a serving of cookies (maybe 2-3 servings) with a cup of peppermint tea (peppermint keeps me sane) and write. I generally am able to write a post before my tea is finished or cold, as words are always playing in my head, bouncing off of the padded walls screaming to break out. But today is different.There is no tea, no cookies and there is no music playing in the background as I watch the words dance off of the keyboard onto the screen. keyboardNope, today is definitely not one of those days. It is one of those days where I just don’t feel like writing.

Yes, I can easily write about the million reasons why scientist all over the world should dedicate their time in creating a clone for me and many other single parents (see I can share). From having to help kids with school projects, prepare for exams, nurse them when they are sick, be their personal assistant, chef, advisor, party planner, maid and I don’t know let’s throw in guest at their random imaginary tea parties. I know just being able to distribute some of the things on my to-do list, my should-do list and my girl-get-real list; to another person would make my eyes shoot rainbows daily. I would probably float on the air and sing, if that was to happen. But for some selfish reason, scientist do not think being a single parent is hard enough or even reason enough for them to dedicate their noble time. Yet they would dedicate time to figure out global warming ……………idiots

Or, I could write about the ways in which I feel excited about this blog and how I am excited that my words are actually reaching people all over the world. I have had readers from Australia, Sri Lanka, France, Ireland, India, Canada, UK, [UPDATE: By March 2017, it had been read in 56 countries] read my words and some of them have even taken time to email me and share their thoughts and dreams. It is inspiring and motivating to know that the diarrhea of letters that I use to combine and turn into words, actually make sense to someone else other than me. Helping others tends to brighten up my day, as my focus moves from me to something much bigger than me. I hope that even in all my  ramblings that I will always be useful.tea

Oh, Oh, Maybe I should just take this moment to scream at the few people who have taken the word celibacy and turned it into the new F bomb. Yes I realize the response that it gets not just here but elsewhere. You would swear someone clicked the switch on the oxygen level in a room, leaving everyone gasping for air. Especially when they learn of people who are in it for five or ten years. Throw in the word Virgin and you get a whole Apocalypse, with people grabbing their genitals and running for the hills. (The image is hilarious)

To them, I could simply say get over yourself. IT’S MY VAGINA AND I WILL CLOSE IT IF I WANT TO. I clearly don’t see how my legs affect the balance of the universe. I don’t see how any other woman’s legs affect it either. It’s a personal choice, whether done for religious reasons, or because the person just want to just be them. IT’S THEIR FREAKING CHOICE. But it makes no sense screaming at this set of people, because at the end of the day, who cares what they think. If the idea that a next person can want to have and then develop enough self-control to make that decision, and that points out your own personal flaws and lack of self-control……Oh well, it sucks to be you.

But today is not one of those days either. I think today I am just going to not say that much (wow, over six hundred words later). I am going to just eat my dang cookies, sip on my tea and just sing to my own self.

Have a blessed weekend everyone

****Disclaimer: Since this post was written two years ago….I have had moments when I fell short, moments when I held strong. Fortunately I am able to say that I believed in myself more times than I doubted myself.

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