Keeping My Mouth SHUT…..for now

As children we are told that if we cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Well it has been over a week and up to now I cannot say anything nice. I would love to be all shimmery and full of sparkles with my words. But the tongue and the pen (computer) can be too powerful at times.

The venom that our thoughts can swim in, as they battle in our minds for peace, can be lethal. Sometimes, just sometimes. It is better to keep my mouth shut and my hands off the keyboard.

So for the next few days I am gonna work on my muzzle. For God knows that if I break some of my promises (in regards to what I blog) and let the words come out, there will be no way to get them back into the cave of my mind.

It took me two cups of peppermint tea just to write these few words, and already I can feel the words trying to slip out of my brain, down my arms and onto the keyboard. Words can be very tricky if you don’t keep them under control.

Until then, stay blessed

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