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24 Hour Creator Privileges and LOVE

There are reasons why everything and every experience occurs within the dynamics of the universe. Even the creepy spiders that I detest, hold their own purpose and destiny; personally I wish spiders destiny could be achieved in a less creepy way, but I am not the creator. I am in no way knocking the job done by the creator, one has only to look at the beauty within nature to know that he/she did a beautiful job. I wouldn’t want his job either; to balance the universe will listening to the outcries of its inhabitants is beyond comprehension. My personal attempts to balance being a mom of two girls, a career and my own developing identity leaves me exhausted and overwhelmed on most days.

However like spiders, there will always be things that I would alter if I was granted twenty four hours of creator privileges. Yes world hunger, peace, the removal of injustice, abuse, racism  from humanity’s thought process, etc. would be high on my list; but I am sure that most people would try to aim or that in some way too. However within the 24 hour grace period of my creative alterations, there will be moments of selfish adjustments to meet my own ideology. No I wouldn’t use miraculous ability to create abs,abs or remove signs of age on my face. I don’t even think I would be tempted to lift my breast to their pre breast feeding positioning. I have slowly accepted that the photo gallery of my body exists to remind me of each journey, experience and lesson learnt. Each line, indentation, lift, or worn flesh all reflect glimpses of “my” reality. Even the scar on my knee taught me that hot glue used while helping children finish school projects late at night, after a full day of living, HURTS ALOT when dropped on skin, especially my skin.

As I daydream on this idea, I think I would spend some time on the little things. These things may not be very important to everyone else, but they sure would make my existence on this planet a lot easier. So if God ever wanted to grant me a 24 hour creator privilege do know this will be among my little to-do list.

LOVE in its purest form is a gift. It breathes life into a person to a super natural level. Its ability to multitask as it stands as a shield, sword even offering sweet nectar to those who are brave enough to take it in. But for the love of the universe there has to be an easier way to do this thing. I don’t see why humans had to go and mess up a beautiful gift and in its replacement create heartbreak, stress, drama, lies, worry and jealousy, it just does not make sense. I think the process can be simplified if we inject more truth, common sense, empathy and overall kindness into the equation.equation Though this may appear as a simple task, it appears to be something that we humans suck at. There is no real eloquent way to portray this inability. We absolutely suck at the ideology and practice of LOVE. We search for it in every dark cave filled with society’s ideas on what we should say, think and do. We hurt each other under the pretense that we don’t need it or that it is not vital for self-growth. Truth be told, most of us still battle with self-love and self-respect thus making it near impossible to reflect a true image of what love should be.

So my task will be to simplify the process. I would remove the human imperfections of the process and just let it stand in its naked, natural form. The layers of pretentious, strategic coverings will be stripped away. The dark gray rubble of heartbreak left after the wars of Love and its second cousin Lust will be cleansed to reveal the fertility and beauty of innocent hearts. The game of hiding behind past experience and deflect of our own faults will be flooded out with the burnt remains of indecision, fear of connection and bitterness. Finally I would divorce Love from its cousin LUSTlust. The incestuous marriage of these two have driven people, including myself at times, to seeing and being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lust and its cravings pulls away from true intimacy and robs the soul of the true experience. Instead it ties the soul to unnatural and many times damaging lifelong effects.  In summation I would simply return Love to what it was originally created to be. As the creator makes no mistake my job will just be to remove myself/ourselves from the process and just let it be.

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