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FAITH is not found in a Crackerjack Box

It has been raining all day, and we have had to stay indoors all day. I am in no way complaining as my island has been spared by the Tropical Storm, and we really need the rain. My prayers go out to Dominica as they battle with the lost of life and the damages to infrastructure and homes; will definitely find out if there is anyway I can assist. I have been blessed to be in a circle of women who are always ready to lend a hand, and get a project started.

Laying in bed, listening to the rain and of course music (even on a cellular level, my body craves music 24/7), I start thinking. To be honest there are a few things that I am thinking about, but I am not ready to write about that and as always I keep names and any connecting information out of my posts. My writing may be therapeutic to me, but I have no real right to put other people’s names and their business out there. There needs to be some protection for people in my life from my naughty words. Anyways, I keep thinking of Faith. No not the Christian, Hindu, Muslim etc etc faith….or even the denominations like Catholic, Anglican etc. I really could care less what each person chooses to follow. If their faith gives them inner peace and helps them to be the best person they can be, while allowing them to be good and kind to others, then GREAT.peace

I’m more thinking of Faith in one’s self, Faith in your connection with the universe and your destiny, Faith in believing that your prayers with work will be answered. Yeah I don’t believe in lazy faith, the sitting back and not doing anything about the situation, waiting for doves to bring diamonds from the sky. To me that is just laziness and not taking responsibility for what you do have the power to do. I believe in working towards your goals, having a game plan, direction, recipe, asking for guidance, taking the necessary steps, adding the right ingredients, having the right attitude- this is priceless- mixed with your faith and believing in the results. This does not mean that there wont be times when you are overwhelmed; of course you are going to want to give up along the way, we are all human. But that silent voice, for me its my personal soundtrack, that plays in your head even while you  sleep, pushing you forward refusing to let you give up….to me that is all part of FAITH.

I acknowledge that I may see the world different than many people, maybe everyone else, and that is ok; some body has to be a little odd. But I  accept that I am going to be that person with Dutty Faith; my faith goes beyond my natural abilities, it goes beyond my situation and my surroundings. I believe even when it makes no sense to believe. It has become part of me, even stronger than my connection to music.

I know that we are all followed by the footprints of our pasts, but if I was to ever let my past experiences and the experiences of those around me determine what I believed in, then I will be setting my self up for failure in every aspect of my life. Despite past failures and setbacks, I still believe in the good in people, love and romance, life connections of instant friends, dreaming and setting goals, believeaiming high and that there is good out there in the world. I still believe that each person can make the difference in another person’s life and that if we were to focus on just our life and energy that we would have contributed nothing to the universe. I have to believe this, I have to believe it to survive. My Belief, My Faith makes everything else fade to the background and gives me strength to keep smiling and keep going. So my faith is not the crackerjack size but the real deal.

I do struggle when I have to communicate to others and try to explain why I make certain decisions. I accept that to them, with their experiences and ideology, that my way of doing things may not make sense. And there is no real way to explain it. I think I am actually going to stop trying, as it only frustrates me and those of differing opinions. I will respect their views and accept that they may never see it my way….at the end of the day Faith is a personal thing anyway. I have seen my own results, I have seen where I should have been hurt, destroyed or left behind and instead experienced joy, kindness, favor and moments of peace. That’s enough to keep me going and keep me believing.

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