My Design Is Flawed

My Design must be flawed, it must be jacked up, unplanned, maybe without real purpose …..there has to be some underlying defect in the design.

I don’t think it’s in the layout, yes the curves and lines may differ from the average model, and the look is far from that seen in magazines…..but I am quite comfortable with the layout even with all of its variations.

But my real concern is in its performance…performance. and it’s support system.Its main design appears, against the societal norm and even against my better judgement… focused on caring.

That is not to say it is not and fully functional in areas of intelligence, ambition, and of course having fun. Deep down I often feel the sensation to go off road and forget about the brakes.

And sure it can move like a boss and handle many of life’s obstacles with a smile……..but that caring module…it seems to always kick in and stop every other function.

I mean Who designs someone, then fills them with love, affection and empathy???  to the point where these things become like vitamins or air, necessary for each breathlove

This does not appear on any of the market models, or at least on any of the average ones that I have seen….it actual is appearing to be more of a defect instead of an enhancement; from my own market review

But then again, who am I not to trust the creator. So far his track record in design has been unbeatable. He created flowers in all their diversity and splendor. He created the sunsets, none ever the same as the one before. So who am I to tell him that he messed up with my design? He would probably just laugh at me with his all knowing smile and whisper to just continue being me.

My journey of development may not have been one that I would have chosen or myself, but it is mine. I may not be built to fit in….maybe just maybe, I am my own unique design.

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