Sailing through Life's Storms

The hardest part of writing, is opening the vault of my padded brain and picking just one of the many bouncing asylum members.

My thoughts are sometimes so bouncy that they bounce into each other and throw off my entire thought pattern. Though the process may be quite entertaining to me, it may sometimes come over a little eclectic for anyone reading. But my thoughts represent the eclectic nature of my life.

There are moments in my life that are smooth sailing, where there are minimum waves and I can navigate my days with minimum effort or care. Those days though calming, bring very little inspiration to my thought pattern; but instead offer a tranquil period of rest or recuperation.

Then there are the slightly wavy days, where there is movement and direction in my life. I am normally in a state of purpose purposewhere I have either recuperated enough to keep moving forward; or simply generating steam before some great chaotic moment. Mind you chaos does not imply a total breakdown in the system or pending destructive storm. For though there are moments where the clouds roll in and I may be frighten my the thunderous negativity or obstacles to face, and I have to fight the showers of my own tears back……..storms still represents energy.

Energy forces you to either run and cover, or it makes you reach into yourself to find the tools and inner deity. It is my opinion that we are all God’s children, and as such we have to start seeing ourselves as powerful beings. Yes the human side to our existence will fail, feel fear and anxiety (I have multiple feelings within a minute, trust me I am human). However that connection to our creator allows us the resources and level of creativity to reach into the universe and call out for assistance. Another one of my thoughts…..the universe does not like lazy. With all the movement that occurs even from a cellular level to that of the great stars…….why would anyone think that laziness and lack of concern would enable them the ability to convert the universal forces to meet their storms.storm

I don’t reward my kids when they try to just sit back and do nothing, why would the ultimate parent do it for us. Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean that you are going to let them take advantage of you and your kindness, forever. Thus in our stormy moments, we need to take a moment to accept the force for what it is, breathe in it’s power and then use that strength to direct our inner deity. It may be as simple as making dietary changes to combat health obstacles, or even career changes to decrease stress levels….least we forget mental and emotional changes to combat broken hearts. No matter the obstacle, action, decision and choices must occur; as just standing still and scared as the lightning strikes your dormant soul is just not an option in my book, and hopefully not yours.

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