Angels playing with my energy boomerang

So there is this theory, and I am sure it is one that has been around for centuries; that whatever energy you put out into the universe is going to boomerang and come right back to you. Some people have termed it as karma, some like to sum it up to universal energy.

Now until today, I kind of agreed with this ideology and tried my best to be a garden blooming with positive energy and goodwill. Yes I had my moments when I faltered and would sing out venom to some well deserving……. (Let’s fill the blank with “human”, to be nice); but generally I tried my best to focus on good energy.

I refrained from many negative activities, well as many as I could during the week days, weekends tend to through me off balance. I got involved with a lot of nonprofit and charity activities, not to selfishly harvest good energy, but because I just think everyone should. So generally I would think I would at least get a C+ even a B+ for effort (again my past weekends have kept me from receiving an A) in the whole cosmic energy scorebook.

And with this in mind I have to ask, with all due respect, the great heavenly being, who I like to refer to as God (everyone id free to use their own term)………a little question. Has one of the angels been playing around with my balancing scale again? Because something is a bit off on the return journey of the energy boomerang.scale

This crap isn’t even funny, I have been receiving some totally off balanced energy forces and I don’t think they were originally on my personal shipment plan. It is a bit weird the way it/they just find a way to me….I don’t remember ever signing up to be a resting place or bed and breakfast for this type of energy. rememberYet somewhere along the way back, my positive energy has taken a detour, got rolled over in some mischief and tried to come back to me looking pure. But if you look closely at what is actually there, you can see that it really was not meant for me. My energy would have come back straight, with any curve balls and with minimum negativity or doubt.

But does my energy listen, no…so not once, not twice but this is now the third time in the past four months that I have thrown my hands up in the air and cried out “come on this is ridiculous”. Today/Tonight being one of those moments, leaves me to wonder if angels are again in heaven playing with my script and adjusting it like a reality show for their own entertainment.

Btw angels, in case you read this blog, IT is no longer funny. There are enough reality shows on television for you to pick from. They are on all day and I am sure you have all the channels. So instead of playing guess the outcome with my energy distribution….pick up a remote.

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