What role are you playing in your life: Part four- Ghost vs Teacher

I know I should be typing word, that when combined together should make sense or at least have a point………Somehow I am not in that brain space. Instead my brain has made the decision to take on roles that were not designated for today. Today it wants to go bouncing all over the dang place and make a mess of my calm and picturesque mind. Oh well I guess I am experiencing that moment where you have to go through mind tunnels because you are getting closer to a goal or direction. Being the strong minded or stubborn, you can fill in whichever word choice you choose….I just means that I am not staying in this funk. I have plans to eat some lasagna later, and food and friends is always a better option to mind tunnels.

So let’s take a look at some more roles, we have already reviewed the judge/bully/girlfriend/cheerleader…but there are still others.


Now somebody just read that word and is wondering if I lost my mind. Yes I said ghost, and I am guilty of playing this role as well, so I am going to call it just what it is. I have allowed experiences and people from my past to linger with me in a toxic way.toxic I have allowed myself to let the bad moments live on, and let my spirit-my present identity to fade away. I am not sure if I can formulate the idea fully, but there is a point in our lives where we are living in regret and anger more than living in today. We …and I am gonna keep saying we, because I know my own guilt in this area.  We carry these images, these moments that in fact serve as parasites to our lives. We can no longer base every decision in our today and tomorrow on our past. Seasons have changed, and hopefully we have learned a few things from those experiences. Sometimes the spirits we carry aren’t even ours but generational spirits that have been passed on to us from strangers and loved ones. When we are busy living in the past, what you think is going to happen to our present and our future. You just can’t drive forward with your gears set in reverse. I don’t think I can explain it any other way; give up the ghost, and stop being the ghost in your life, stop carrying the ghost of the past. Acknowledge that shit happened, it happens to all of us at some point/ maybe many points; but it does not give you an excuse to stop living. We still have to get up every day and smell new flowers. We have to open our eyes up to meeting new people and having new experiences. It may start off with something as simple as a new perfume, to jumping on a plane (hint hint…..I jumped on a plane today). Whichever way you choose to do it, get it done. Call Ghostbuster on the past and breathe and read in new life.


There are many instances where I have heard people say that they are too old to learn something, or that they don’t know something. Now I am not saying that we have to be a know it all, what I am saying is that there must come a point when you teach your own self. In the age of Google and YouTube, there is a site or video to teach you near anything. And when those sources fail, which they seldom do, there is the old fashion, never fail library and bookstore; imagine if we actually used to them (proud lover of both). cookSo you don’t know how to cook, who cares, buy the cook books, watch the cooking channel, there are even cooking classes and videos. So you never traveled to exotic countries when you were younger, why not google a few travel sites, set your budget and book that flight. There are enough websites/blogs and books to make you an expert, to remove the over excited voice in your head that prevented you from years from travelling. Now don’t go book a flight for some dangerous part of the world and say that I was who told you to; I still expect you to use common sense. What I am encouraging you to do is to never stop learning, to never stop experiencing. Be your own teacher/guide,  open to yourself up to new experiences…………………Disclaimer, this does not mean to spend the whole discovery time taking countless selfies, sure take pictures, but experience each moment, then take a shot of the moment if you so choose. Be that new kid in a new class, and introduce the world to yourself

There may be a Part 5 after all


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