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Within a Dream there are no lies

So today I am going to try something a little different. I am going to go within a dream and pull out a post. I normally stay outside of my dreams, as my dreams tend not to be filtered and the honesty can sometimes be a bit startling, even for me….but here goes nothing…..welcome to the dream…………………………………………………..


The universe is made up of occurrences and energy forces that no one has been able to fully explain or prove how they can existed. That night, though separated by their locations and pre-arranged destiny, two bodies tossed as they slept; their tormented sleep and dreams shared by the other as their souls journeyed into the dark.


Only silence surrounded her and she knew that she did not have to say anything, it was so tangible that it created its own energy force. Even the stars hid that night, in fear that this new silent force would reach out to them that even miles away their empathetic souls would not be able to cope with her pain. She sat quietly in her cage holding in fears, screams and tears, knowing that her dam would soon break freeing her spirit into the world. She needed to hold on her decision, there was nothing that she could do now to make things right at this point. As she fell closer to a comatose dream state, she was suddenly aware that she was not alone.silence
It did not even register to him that he was reaching out for her face, as it was done so quickly though the intent was sure. He had seen her in his dreams before, he had seen the valleys created by her unfallen tears. His heart broke as he glanced at her knowing that this time it was all his fault. Within that brief moment he knew that this might be the only key to reaching her, he needed her to know she wasn’t alone. His words had previously fallen outside of her emotional wall never fully penetrating her slumber. But he had to try, even if only for a dream.

Without her permission, knowing that he had already cremated the bridge he now nervously needed to cross, he inhaled and held onto her cage.  Within a brief second he had just enough time to let his fingers caress her cheek before she opened her eyes fully. He let the energy of his soul reach out to her within her darkness; unlike the words that decorated her memories, she suddenly knew someone was there. Images of many men had entered her dreams before trying with their verbal sonnets and many had turned to stone from only a glimpse of her reality. Though initially unknown and his words unheard, somehow his force was there.

Beneath her brown eyes and unknown to the world, a tear fell as she searched her mind and through the darkest memories for the source of this new force. Her body moved forward as if yearning to capture the moment that rattled her thoughts and for a brief moment it muted her screams. Somehow she already knew that it was just a moment, as eternity had always escaped her grasp. Yet somehow the lingering energy haunted her as she slowly dared to open her eyes.
She still couldn’t see him, as their bridges had been burnt and the once easy path to her soul no longer remained. She sadly dismissed his energy trace as just a memory and slowly closed her eyes as the dream waves prepared to engulf her once more. But he was already there, ready to try once more as he reached out and this time using the energy that could only come from within his soul; he extended his love once more.

Even now he knew he couldn’t stay within this dream with her, because his destiny was already written before she existed. Her destiny, though it still eluded her before time was written in the stars. And though their forces intertwined in his dreams as one, he knew he couldn’t offer her what she truly would need to free her from her cage forever. But tonight this knowledge this would not stop him; this time he could not leave her trapped within herself. This time he had to let her see outside of her self-caged walls. Though by now he knew the walls were initially meant to protect her, tonight he could see that they had enclosed around her and were suffocating her as she struggled to breathe. So with one more breath he inhaled her essence.


His sense of smell was always highly awoken in her presence as she reminded him of childhood memories of tropical fruits and Nubian oils. As he inhaled her familiar scent he knew he was edging closer to delicate forbidden grounds. For just within his grasp laid not just this caged and fragile soul but a phoenix, all within a beautiful human form.

His hands trembled, clearly nervous, as he knew to hold her was forbidden. As he reached out, he was prepared for the external and internal scars that his actions would leave on his existence if he were even to survive. No matter his decision to continue this would be suicide. For to have her would mean the destruction to the world that he existed in. Yet to leave her trapped and to walk away from her essence would drive him insane.

She could feel his internal battle even within this dark dream, it’s familiarity to her own struggle allowed her to see the shadow of his outline despite her visual scars. Within his essence there was the battle of needed release, yet fear of the division between the known path and her unknown future left her paralyzed and unsure. She knew she should remain still, her past held her chained to the boulders of life. Yet the memory of a past life or the vision of a future reincarnation haunted her darkened eyes.  The lack of pretense and raw emotion that started to encamp around them did not feel new. This combined energy rose like clouds enriched with a past existence where roles were not cemented but hearts were free to be.
With the strength the phoenix and the dragon within them, though their wisdom warned that they should not, they slowly etched closer to each other, unsure of what their touch may evoke. Though his intention was to quiet her fears, the comfortable and familiar bond awakened his arousal to have her with him.
He knew his world could not survive if she were to exist within it. For her force could not be contained to a singular role, nor could he balance multiple roles. For as his soul yearned to stay within her feathered energy, he was torn and knew he may self-destruct at any time.

Against the voices of her past, she reached out to him.



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