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Reasons to Blog…Board Meeting with God

Tonight I have two reasons to blog. Two reasons that overpower my tired body and instead of reaching for a pillow, like any sane human, I reached for the laptop. The first was being able to write a contribution piece for the Southernlaced Magazine Blog. This is not the first time I have written for a Magazine Blog, but this was the first time I wrote for one outside of my residing country, and the first time someone took a chance outside of my network, with my writing. Needless to say, I think I did a good job so do check out www.Southernlaced.com  and especially my piece. Did I mention this is the first time I actually had my name be attached to one of my pieces that wasn’t tied to business or entrepreneurship?  Did I also mention that this moment has allowed me to face one of my fears? Don’t you just love the way destiny works? https://southernlaced.com/2017/03/12/using-the-crisis-to-break-the-cycle/   Destiny

So… the second. and just as powerful moment for me, occurred today. I have always had the belief that a ‘word’ comes to you in many forms. Now when I say a ‘word’ I don’t mean when you ask someone their opinion on something you’re facing and you give them all the details. That takes the brain power of a preschooler to piece together the pieces and offer their opinion of what they see. In fact, depending on that person’s agenda and their own past failures, what they may think is unbiased and truthful advice could in fact be the most destructive word spoken over your life. All I am saying is be careful of who you let whisper in your ears and over your life [I am sure I have said this before, but I am going to say it until everyone who has eyes sees it.]

Now back to the moment…. This lady spoke to me at first, a normal random conversation that did not feel out of the norm. But within her conversation, there were key words that kept my attention. She spoke without much effort… like an older sister speaking to her kid sister, but there was an added age of wisdom residing in her words. What she couldn’t have known and did not realize was that last night and early this morning I had a board meeting with God. [Again let me put this disclaimer out there. My relationship with God is just that, a relationship. There isn’t much fluff and tradition, it may not match everyone’s relationship, and I don’t think it should. Just as each person is unique, and their destiny and path is different, I think their interaction with God should be one that is personal and unique within their own religion…….Disclaimer over.] So at the Board meeting, I asked God to help me to ascertain what my path should be. Not the whole ‘who am I and why am I here’ type of meeting. But more a ‘this is what I think, what do you think’ type of meeting. [Some people may term this as prayer, some people may be right.] However by the time I left my bed this morning, I wasn’t sure if it was my ego or the answer that I was feeling….so like a good CEO, I kept quiet and waited till the next meeting. Again, this may not be the way most people do things, but I will ask you this….is your way working for you?Relationship

So, without prior knowledge of my board meeting, this lady hits on nearly every point of the meeting, and many earlier meetings. Let’s just say I was a bit shocked, however, I am slowly starting to understand that the universe provides everything that you will need, every… single… thing. And within that provision is always an answer. Now this answer may not be what we want to hear, but when the universe takes the time out to send a message…..we will hear it. I wanted to hear this message, and at the same time, part of me did not. I knew that there were changes that I had to make in my life for me to fully step into the other areas of my future. And unlike previous times when this message was whispered, the future me is not willing to just sit back and wait for the current me to get a clue. It is time that I straighten up my shoulders and take the steps needed. Though, I would have loved to take timid little steps, but that time has passed and it is time to kick the heels off, put on some sneakers and jump. I know this may not be a smooth process, but with the ‘Board’ supporting and standing by me, I know that those pretty pictures and words on my vision board are ready to become reality.



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