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Saying "Thank you" may be as useless as One Ply Toilet Paper

I have noticed that recently, well more than recently, this has been going on for a year or more now that I have developed this habit of asking/telling people not to “Thank” me. I do not say this to be pretentious or to offer any fake humility, but with a genuine heart felt understanding that I do not really require a thank you. It is not that I don’t believe that people should thank each other; and please don’t get it twisted, in feeling that I don’t believe or that I underestimate the impact that is felt by the other person. I simply do not need them to thank me.

The fact is I believe that in too many ways our generation evolves on how many Likes, Shares and Thank you can be achieved in a day/week. Everyone appears incapable of just doing something because it feels good and brings them or someone pure joy. Instead the meals we eat are judged more by how good they look on Snapchat or Facebook, than how they actually taste on their way to your stomach. To this day I am normally so busy focusing on eating. That the only way for my friends to know that I ate something good, would be if someone else was sitting next to me and was willing to take the picture in the five seconds it would take me to grab my fork.fork I don’t believe that the chef is impatiently waiting for a line of people to walk up to the kitchen and tell them thanks. They are generally happy when we pay our bills [with a tip] and clean the food off of our plates, without complaining that we don’t eat this or we don’t eat that. [This does not mean that I want people to stop taking food pics, being a foodie myself, I can appreciate a good food pic]

But the real reason I don’t wait or require a Thank you is because, I no longer need it. I have had enough personal experiences when I have needed a listening ear, a humble mentor or a quick motivational word to keep me going. There would be moments that I would need a stylist to help me figure out a look for a big event or a last minute baby sitter to help me attend a meeting. These angels have always appeared or showed up just when I needed them. So for this I am beyond thankful, I am Grateful. I believe saying thank you is a reaction, something that we are trained to say from infancy.thank you It is polite and performs the same way a cherry does on the top of a cupcake [told you that I like food] but on its own it has no real worth, as Thank you can be easily said when the speaker is being sarcastic, mean or taking advantage of another person. It simply lacks positive energy and truth. Disclaimer [Just like my views on religion, energy spirituality, love, celibacy and the benefits of tea/wine…..these are my opinions. Everyone is free to have an opinion, I just happen to share mines through a blog]

What I aim for, is an exchange of energy, where I am able to use my energy by doing or saying something positive for someone else. This in turn would be redirected to encourage, motivate or help a next person, who then receives this positive energy as an added side effect. I know all of this may sound like something we read in a boring Science book in school, and may make no sense to anyone but me. But the fact is, I believe we should use our good energy to do good things for other people, and where a person saying “Thank you” may be cute, it is just a phrase and does nothing really. I would just rather to feel or observe that positive energy from them, going out to someone else. Gratitude or positive energy [you can name it whatever you please, even the Pink Sparkle Bunny if that makes you happy] in itself does not have to come back to me directly, but should be shared with someone else to help /empower or motivate them. Gratitude is thus positive energy felt by someone and to me it is necessary to return that energy back to the universe to help other people.

So yes, be good to each other. And if the society you live in teaches you to say Thank you……say it, if it makes you feel like a good person. More importantly, take that gratitude, that bubbly bouncy happy feeling and share it with someone else….That to me says Thank you in way that really matters…to the Universe.

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