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Run your own race, your starting line was designed to be different than everyone else

Stop trying to compete with everyone else!!  Sorry to be blunt, but sometimes I have to be blunt.  Competing with everyone else does not make sense!  Your destiny belongs to you and you alone, and their destiny belongs to them.  If you spend all of your time trying to be someone else, when will you ever achieve the things that you were destined to do?  Nothing is wrong with finding inspiration from observing others and from the paths they have taken to become a successful entrepreneur, student, mother, father, husband or wife.  But that is where it should end… as a simple inspiration.  race1You can’t spend your time competing with them or pulling yourself down for not achieving what they have.  Your competition was never really with them, it is with yourself.

I have never heard of two people having the exact same dream [well… I did write about one occasion, but we will discuss that at a soon-but-later date].  Yes, you may want similar things or have somewhat similar goals.  But when you go to sleep at night, I can bet you that neither you or your neighbor, not even you and your cousins, are rolling in your beds tossing around having identical dreams.  Each person is given their own talents, their own opportunities and their own obstacles to use and overcome.  You have to believe that you were given the right resources, the right talents and the right amount of ability to achieve your destiny.

You shouldn’t be worried about what others are doing and what you are not doing.  You shouldn’t be afraid that you will not have the help to achieve your dreams.  There is no magical formula that they have that you’re missing out on.  They were created to run their race and live their lives, just as you were created to live yours.  There is no reason to limit yourself or your dreams because somebody did it by the time they were twenty-five, and you are approaching forty… or even fifty.  You have it in you to be great and to be the person you are meant to be.  race2So, with this new understanding, you can understand why you should no longer chain yourself to someone’s failures or pressure yourself with their ‘success.’

But who am I?  I am just a blogger.  To me this is not just common sense.  But let me see if I can shed more light by taking it to the original source.  And, oh yes… it is biblical too.  In Isaiah 43:18-19 [yes, I read the bible], God gave us a glimpse of the support He has for us: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past …I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

God clearly jumped through all the fluff; there were no thou… thy… thine… thee… to confuse anyone.  He let you know straight that He has your back, and not just in the pretty pastures filled with dancing unicorns and care bears, where everything is perfect and you don’t have to work hard or overcome obstacles [I have an active mind].  But He is going to be there and guide you through the dirty stuff, the messy stuff…..race 5the emotional baggage, the small to little financial support, when everyone is trying to bring you down or even destroy you.  He is going to be there, and you are going to be able to run your race.  This is just my opinion, but it sounds like the Bible is very straight forward.  Being someone who has control.… [what was the nice word I used before to describe issues….]  Oh well… let’s say that I have “had” some control “issues,” and as such, I tend to think that I have to do it all on my own.  But there God is, telling you that you don’t have to fight all of the battles.  He will be with you through all the hurdles and all the turns.

So, stop spending time looking in the mirror at the instances you have previously failed, your neighbor’s failures or your family members’ failures, and expect to start your race and win.

How do you expect to move forward with one eye on the mirror gripping your past, then competing with someone else with the next eye?  You just cannot do it.  You have to look to one source and be willing to say, “God, I am afraid, but I know with Your guidance I will achieve any of my goals and more.”


  • Malacia Shephard (Truly Transparent)

    I absolutely love this post❤️ I truly enjoyed your boldness throughout the entire read! This is a must read for many to fully understand that God created us to be unique and unlike any other not all the same. Instead of comparing people should focus on the Word of God to keep them encouraged and remember that what He will do for one he will do for another!

  • lavinaliburd

    Very timely read for me. Very timely. I’d add that we each have our own finish line too. Each of our finish lines is in a different place and will look very different. This one I can wholeheartedly say “amen” to! Very good one.

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