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Finding where you belong / finding your lane: Run your own race Part 3

So, you are at the starting line [yes, I am at it too], you have accepted that our starting line is different than everyone’s line; and as one reader pointed out to me, our finish line is also different too [love when readers interact]. You have accepted that in our race/journey, that you have all the talents and gifts within us that we need to achieve our goals and to find our purpose. And you are comfortable or at least we are trying to tell ourselves that we are ready to get into position. So, you take a deep breath and you step into your lane, but of course it wasn’t going to be that easy, life barely is. You look at the lanes and start to panic, where are you supposed to go, you see the lanes of life have been determined based on a name or title and you don’t see your name. race3 4There isn’t a lane with your name, that would have made it so easy, [and if you have read my early posts over the years you would know by now that I believe that angels must have remotes or dice, where they watch my life as if it’s a reality show, changing it up like it is a Simms game for their entertainment- if you don’t believe me, look back at my earlier stuff- go way back] so how do you find where you belong?

You look at what is in front of you, taking into account your gifts and talents and try to remove the excess weight of your fears, past experiences and external voices and try to find where you belong. Nervously you try to find a spot that resembles what you are ready for and what you feel confident enough to attempt. But wait, not only are the starting positions not named, they keep moving and shifting. The closer you get to them their expectations and requirements keep changing. The career woman now demands that you put in at least ten to twelve hours a day in the office, instead of eight, at a job where you may never get the recognition you deserve at the detriment of having a stable family life. race3 2The lane for a mother seems to have the most on lookers, and they do not look very supportive. They are all standing by the track waiting to tell you that you are not doing enough, or that you are doing too much. This lane now requires more than twenty-four hours in a day and the tears that will fall the most may be your own.

So, you walk around the track a little more while the whispers can be heard around you, where your observers are wondering when you are going to find your lane and run your race. You can hear the opinions of which lane they think you should run and when you should have started, in their minds you are already behind, and losing the race [but wasn’t this a one man/woman race, how can I be losing when I am only running against myself?]. With another deep breath, you search again for your spot and again the lanes start moving and changing, what should have been an easy race has turned into an obstacle course. You find the entrepreneur race and that one you see jagged starts, long drops with very little support and a strong risk of never finishing. race3 7Then there is one that from a distance appears to have been a simple walk, but as you get closer you see the word Christian, and if you thought the parent track had a lot of naysayers, this one has so many that most of them form some of the obstacles that you have climb over. In this one you must face your fears, your past and walk by faith, despite the judgement around you.

With tears in your eyes and with the feeling of failure creeping in as the whispers get louder telling you to give up, you look back at the track feeling out of place and ill-equipped. Then you see the race official and you realize that He has been waiting for you all this time. He knew what talents and gifts that He had put in you, just as he knew what was your best lane. Dusting off the starting line, you see that your lane was always there, and you never had to choose one over the other. Your race was always your race, it is a combination of everything, but an accumulation of your good and bad, using all of your past journeys as training to carry the costs of your gifts to achieve your purpose. race 3 3Yes, it will not always be easy, as there are still naysayers, risks and it will require endurance. But He designed the track and He was going to be with you and before you, so you won’t have to face it alone. Wiping away the tears with a smile, you step into position and instead of the common phrase of Ready, Set, Go, you hear…..”Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” [Joshua 1:9]……

Guess it is time to start and run your race. Guess it is time to run mine.

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