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Letting Go: My Birth Week Challenge to Post Daily

May was a…. How do you describe a month where you experience surreal joy, pain and loss all within 31 days? How do you define a period where you saw great favor…where doors that never existed are now opening…with a month where my faith was pulled and tugged on, forcing me to hold strong to find some form of ground to stand on? [I should note that again, my faith proved itself to be my rock and standing ground, even when my knees shivered.]

And now we are in June. Now Miss June [you must address this month with respect, so yes Miss], I’m not playing with you; May already acted up and got all comfortable with its foolish mess. It’s time for you to claim your right position as the Boss month. Sure, there were bright stars among May’s twilight [test results, love and the book going on Amazon]. But it’s time for you Miss June to show off and come out right. And in case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, June is important to me. Yes, it’s my birth month but every month has its own queens. June just happens to have me, as one of its queens…. Ladies do claim your crown, don’t wait for anyone to gift it to you, earn it and go get it.lettinggo2So, with all this in mind, I have challenged myself to post a blog every day of this my birth week. Yes, I know they are many bloggers who post daily, I adore them. But in my universe and with my already filled plate, this is a serious challenge [I’m really questioning my sanity]. But who knows!? My vision board has a few things on it, and that may just happen soon, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Clearly the writer of Proverbs meant to write ‘she’ and ‘her’ in that verse, but we will let it slide.

It’s my intention to touch on seven topics. [And no, I did not randomly pick topics out of a rainbow and sprinkle them around. If I found such a rainbow and that dust, I would be running around like a dancing fairy dusting everyone and everything.]

Letting go is just that, an action, a verb, it is a process, something that can for some people happen overnight, but unfortunately for many things and many people it often requires a long period of time and effort. Not everyone can do it without motivation, and a lot of people will go to their graves holding on to bad experiences and negative energy composed by their thoughts or interactions with other humans.lettinggo4 It sucks, but it is the truth. It is my belief that as humans there must be some part of the brain that holds on to emotions more than it does memories. Yes, we may always remember things that we learned from childhood- such as the way we should tie our shoelace. But there is something about an emotion that lingers with you like a ghost holding you captive. Not always in your face, but ever so ready to come out of the shadows whenever it sees the source of your…let’s say emotional baggage. But I don’t want to focus on just that part of Letting Go; I want to take Letting Go and twist it on its head, play with it a little and look at it through two different pair of lens. I want to take a quick look at what happened in our lives that caused us to hold on to something or someone that was unhealthy for us. And then a look at what happens when we are trying to let go, and why is it that some  people/others won’t allow us to let go?

I mean really, is there a human flaw in the way some people feel driven to see others hurting or overwhelmed? And if so isn’t that something they themselves should work on and try to let go? Why is there the need to pull people back into their former selves or former shadows, to the point where people [let’s call them the others] may decide to take it upon themselves to actually tease, ridicule and even worse try their best to break down the progress that you’ve tried so hard to make for yourself? We see it in media, we see it in our communities and we see it occurring with our friends and families. lettinggo5Why is it so easy it to judge the efforts of the person trying to be better, when they do not align with the priorities of “others”. Why is it so easy for “others” to accept when someone does not shine too bright or when they are willing to blend into our surroundings. But like the proverbial nail, once they stick out, that’s when the hammering starts…and the verbal attacks “Who does he/she believe they are?”, “I knew him/her when?”, “Wasn’t it just the other day that they were?” “I can’t believe that he or she thinks that this would..?” does this sound familiar?” In my opinion, one of the main battles of letting go may just be letting go of the people around you all together, including the energy that they carry, and turning a deaf ear to the ones who are not in your immediate circle. For your true development may not be their top priority, and they may be more destructive than the shadows you were originally trying to escape.

Letting go requires releasing something or someone that in the past/presently or what may have the ability to affect you negatively in the future. This requires more than just a simple goodbye, or a change in behavior and practices. In reality, it goes further and becomes more than just the immediate liberation from your connection to the person/practice/memory.lettinggo3 Letting go requires you to look deeper at the reason this emotional and spiritual parasite was able to take a hold of you in the first place. If it was a person who did not treat you good, you have to ask yourself, “Why were you comfortable with letting someone treat you as if you had no self-worth?” Thus, self-examination is required to see the truth and to comprehend if that the person may have actually represented a reflection of how you valued yourself. If you are trying to let go of drinking, smoking or some other habit that you may be using as ‘entertainment,’ ask yourself why there is such an excessive need to be entertained. Are you a different person when you are entertained? And who are you when you are still/quiet/alone? Again, this is just my opinion, but I believe based on my experiences and those experiences of the many people I have had the honor and privilege to observe, sometimes what or who we have to let go plays very little significance to the problem. And the problem itself is what we were/are trying to numb, fulfill or silence with their/its presence. Because at the root of it, even if we are able to let go of this situation/moment, the underlying reason will still be there infesting our souls and leaving us accessible to the next shadow or emotional filler.

……..Guess whats the next topic 🙂


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  • Vivian Zems

    Love this bit- “to comprehend if that the person may have actually represented a reflection of how you valued yourself ” – true talk!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
    My sis got me on to your blog and I love it😊

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