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LOVE :Birth Week Challenge to Post Daily

This post, as part of my challenge to post every day for my Birth week, started off as a bit of a task. Actually, this one was a little rough. Where I thought that this one would be the easiest, after this week and the last twenty-four hours as a human on this earth…it took a minute to write. To write about love when people are busy showing so much hatred and rage is a bit hard, for I am only human. But I choose to Love, I choose to Pray and I choose to Write….and I choose to Reach others.

Love…..one of the most powerful four letter words in the human vocabulary. Love is capable of inspiring and motivating people to create great arts and to accomplish miraculous acts. The thirst for love and the loss for love can also destroy hearts, souls, families and nations. But I am sure everyone knows this, or at least I hope they do.love3 Then again, if people really understood the power and beauty of love, would there be so much hate??!! [Sorry for the digression…sometimes I really wonder] But that is not what today’s blog challenge [which I’ve issued to myself] is about. Today I want to talk about what I have learned/experienced or observed about Love.

Love has a sense of humor, in that it will play hide and seek with you, and trust me, Love invented that game. I have seen people search in all types of places – myself included – for Love. And there will be moments when you are sure that you have it and then you realize you were just looking at it’s shadow or an imitation, leaving you to seek again. But the thing is [again this is just my opinion] Love was not designed to disappear, as it is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Its cousins, however, Infatuation and Lust, oh they are just shadows and by design are meant to disappear and fade in and out. They disguise themselves in Love’s clothing and perfume, and if you are not careful you will inhale their aroma and mistake them for Love. But Infatuation and Lust can’t disguise their true traits for long [in that they get jealous, they don’t respect, they cannot empower and they will leave you dry] and to camouflage their intent, they fade away. love1Love, on the other hand, is a force. It may be hard to find and a challenge to hold on to. But it will not fade in and out like a game or the internet signal when you have an important project to work on…[you just don’t know]. It builds you up better than any Vitamin B tablet out there…don’t believe me.. ask any mother. The love for your child will over ride every biological and logical sense, where you will try to squeeze 36 hours out of your twenty-four, and you try to complete tasks in a day that mere mortals require a month to do. That is not done because we like our kids, or we are infatuated with our kids…most of us don’t really care that our kids like us at the end of the day [sorry Ari and Mali, its true, we hope you do but love is not a popularity contest]. We do it because we love them and that love hits us on a cellular level and pushes us to go beyond. [Until you have had hot glue fall on your knee cap and remove skin, while helping a child do a school project, then continue to finish the project while in pain, you will have no idea what I mean. I think I still have that mark on my knee, but she got an A+.]

You have to love, you have to make the decision to love. Waiting to find someone to dedicate your love to is pointless. Feeling lost because the person you love has decided not to love you the way you deserve, in return, is pointless. Focusing your energy on Love’s cousins, Lust and Infatuation, [again my opinion] is pointless. love4You just have to love. What I mean is that you have to love unselfishly; you have to project love into the universe; love for yourself, love for others, love for your purpose, love for someone’s purpose. You have to have it in you, to attract it, and you have to encourage love in others. Waiting on romantic love or waiting to feel a personal connection to one individual person cages you and keeps you from truly experiencing life[ disclaimer I’m not suggesting to go lusting after a heap of persons, don’t use me as an excuse to act up].

Note, I love Love. But have I always been in love?……..No. Have I always received love?……..NO. But does that mean that I am going to bash others who have?…..heck No. I am going to encourage and motivate others to not just find love [because to me that is the easiest part], but also to maintain love in all of its icky, messiness and forms. This is a personal decision that I have made and it works for me, and maybe it may work for you. To not just internally but verbally acknowledge to the universe that in spite of all that is happening around us or even to us, that We Will Love.

I know that there is so much negativity in the world. I’ve shed my tears. I have felt and seen the pain. But I made the choice to let my life project love. Am I a dancing unicorn shooting out rainbows every day? No. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have Care Bear moments and there are other  times when I just don’t like humans….It’s true, some people really get on my nerves. But who am I to talk, I am sure I get on a lot of people’s nerves….I probably dance on their nerves like a dancing leprechaun. So, it is only fair that they do it too.love2

But I do choose to limit my interaction with negative people [energy is contagious]. I do choose to help others who are actively working towards their life’s purpose and I do choose to be a big romantic ball of energy. These are my choices. These are some of the ways that I show love. I am not perfect so there will be flaws and moments that I mess up or walk away. But I think that it is more important for us to reflect what we want to see in the world and give what we want to receive. Pointless behavior of judging and breaking down others gets us and others nowhere. Instead we should show love by encouraging the good in people, as well as seeing the good in ourselves [that would be a whole post by itself, as many are unable to love because they do not really love themselves….a next day…another post].






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