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Time: It's my Birthday: Birth Week Challenge to Post Daily

Today is Day Four….it is also my birthday…wow! Today, I do not feel the need to have a grand celebration or to run up and down screaming that today is my day. Technically, everyday has been my day this week, so I don’t need one specific day. I have no problem with other people going wild on their birthdays, I am just in grind mood right now. If it’s not about my purpose, it’s about helping other people get closer to theirs. Seeing people get ecstatic about achieving their goals – that is a priceless high. Now if you add the fact that I got my Print Version of my first book, UnCaged Destiny, in the mail yesterday as my pre-birthday present…thank you universe and FedEx. I think I am skidding all over a rainbow colored emotional high right now, the My Little Ponies have nothing on me [ I am clearly a mother of girls]…. Only God… it’s time to grind….. And Yes, I put a picture of the book in the post, it’s my birthday – I’m allowed to be a big kid, plus I told you that its rainbow/grinding time.time1

But let me focus on the real topic of today’s blog…TIME. If you spent as much time as I did in Sunday school, you would have learned Ecclesiastes 3 at some point. In case you are struggling, let me give you a hint, it starts with “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…”; do you remember it know? If not break out your Bible app or turn to Google for all the juicy verses…. My point is – which I have clearly digressed from – is that there was, there is and there will always be a season and time for everything and everyone.


We were not all meant to run the same race or to have the same results, there is a time for your neighbor is to start and there is a time for you to start. We all have our own positions and start times on our tracks of life, so it makes no sense wondering why you haven’t accomplished all the things that others have by a certain age. To judge yourself by their results releases unrealistic expectations for yourself and creates a false deity in the other person. Who cares if they got married a decade before you or started having kids before you did. Have you ever thought that maybe their marriage may be a constant struggle and that maybe you are just not ready to have kids? Maybe you need more time to work on you or maybe the right kid is out there waiting for you already? And yes, your “friend” may have great accomplishments at work, but does that mean that they can sleep well at nights? Do you have to be them or look like them to feel whole? If you answered yes, even for a mini second in your mind, then guess what? It has very little to do with Time, but more about a hole within you that is seeking validation from/by external sources. We have all had those holes at various stages of our lives, and before we try to dump false hope and people into them, maybe we need to take time to find peace internally.time3


There is a Season to work, there is a season to grind. Now I believe in miracles¾as a tubal baby, I am a living, walking medical miracle. However, I am not going to sit here and tell you to sit on your cushion and wait for a miracle to float down from the universe. Though floating miracles do happen, I believe that you need to work for what you want in life, and pray for guidance and favor with your work. Stop taking up time in the day to wallow on what you shoulda, coulda, woulda do. The time is now and time is a very limited resource. Yes, I understand that we all doubt ourselves; I know that we have things about us that we would want to work out before we launch out or expose ourselves to everyone else. But guess what…there will never be a perfect time. There will always be a time when someone close to you needs you, you may never have that perfect look, you may never have enough money, you may never have enough time, help, space, resources, etc. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to die with your destiny never being fulfilled? Are you going to be comfortable with being #2 for the rest of your life? Are you comfortable living an unfulfilled life? If at any point you said yes to any of those questions, make sure we have an understanding. time5If you are going to stay in your mud, stay in it, don’t be upset when the piggy next to you walks over to the shower, washes her/himself off and walks out of the pen for a new life. Don’t lift your muddy piggy face to utter a word, you are the one who decided to roll in the mud and become bacon. I believe in grinding, I believe that when you discover your lane and you see the path, there is no other way to move than forward. I am a realist and I accept that there will be obstacles, but I refuse to lay down in the mud for too long [yes, I have my mud moments… there is an inner pig in all of us]. So if that means that I must reduce the sleep hours, and I have to work at my craft longer, then I’m gonna do it and yes you should too. If something is worth it, then it is gonna be worth the work, it is gonna be worth the grind. Note… grinding is not for crybabies! There is no time to be fussing and huffing about having to do something. Get up, say your prayer and get to it! The time is now; it’s not tomorrow and it definitely won’t be in the next six months – it’s now!full_3D

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