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What is my Topic ? : Birth Week Challenge to Post Daily

Day Five of My Blog every day of my Birth Week challenge [to myself…clearly, I need to work on my issues] and I am conflicted on what I should write. Yes, it would be easy for me to write random thoughts out of my head, but that is not really my style, even though it may appear that way at times. Hmmm…if I am honest there may have truly been times in which random thoughts did bounce around in my head and land on the keyboard without my knowledge. Who knows…it may be happening now. The thing is, there are two things that I want to write about and I am not sure if, by the end of this post, I am going to speak on one or the other or both. Writing is a journey, so I guess you are trapped on this expedition with me.

Let’s get started…Has anyone ever wonder about what makes a butterfly a butterfly?butterfly3 Yes, I know it starts out as a caterpillar and then does the whole cocoon thing before it emerges as a butterfly. But has anyone ever seen what happens during that period? Please tell me that I am not the only one who has these types of thoughts. There must be at least one more person on the planet who thinks like this. If not…it’s your loss. Does a caterpillar know that it will one day become a butterfly or is it contented moving around on the ground eating the leaves within its path? I have always been curious about this, and it is not like I can walk up to a caterpillar and ask it what are its future plans…. Does the caterpillar have any idea that its old body must first die before it can receive its wings? Does it know that, while it may appear as though all is well in its present form, it must go through a period of internal change and evolution before it can soar into the sky? I think by know you may have guessed that my topic has something to do with butterflies and caterpillars.

In life, I think we either evolve or de-evolve [no, I am not talking about evolution as in monkey to man…..no, that is not my belief and that is not where I am going with this]. I think that we either grow/develop, or we regress. This happens through age, experience and a lot of times through our own mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Don’t ever get it twisted…just because we get older, it does not mean that we are evolving into better versions of ourselves. Sometimes our experiences and our way of thinking keeps us from moving forward, thus remaining in a state of stagnation. But are we really butterflies in our own right? butterfly4Do we sabotage our own growth because, similar to the caterpillar, we may not know what we would change into and where it would take us? Do we hold on to our past lives not as a source of comfort, but for the fear of the unknown? I understand the unknown is scary and when you have had a few too many bad experiences, you tend to be afraid of walking off the ledge, not knowing what’s ahead. Trust me, I can identify. I have been there, and frequent that way of thinking occasionally. But if we don’t let go of our present frame of mind, and the comfort of the “known,” how will we ever develop our wings?

So, say you accept that, like the caterpillar, you are not where or who you should be. Are you ready for the process? When have you ever seen a caterpillar crawl out of a cocoon midway through its transformation and say, “Heck no! I’m not going through with this anymore! It hurts too much and I want to go back to crawling on the ground.” If you have, please take a video of the next time it happens and send it to me [don’t forget to include a caterpillar to human translator in the package]. Change is uncomfortable, and just like love and letting go, it is a process that requires work to begin and work to maintain the progression. butterfly2It can also be messy…sometimes the caterpillar has to crawl away from its other caterpillar friends to climb into its cocoon. I am sure that the little caterpillar may not have wanted to let go of those relationships, even if the separation was just temporary. But it had to be done. I am not a scientist – my high school grades will testify to this – but I don’t think that two caterpillars can actually exist in one cocoon. You know what…let me check that out on Google …Be right back…Nope, I don’t see it anywhere [but don’t take my word for it; research it, it may actually happen]. But for the point of this blog post, let’s just say it doesn’t happen or rarely ever does. This means that for you to gain your wings, sometimes you have to let go. No, I am not saying you should make enemies with everyone you care about. But maybe it is best to do an audit of the energy around you. Are there people who are comfortable with your present form, to the point that any change in behavior on your behalf tends to result in them mocking you or comparing you to someone or something else in a passive aggressive way? Or are there cheerleaders among you, who always encourage and motivate you and are willing to step over the line and call you on your crap when you are acting up? This is just my opinion, and I am going to put it in the cutest little way that I can [as I am sometimes accused of being too harsh with my words]butterfly1…Do you see little Mister Caterpillar holding on to his wormy caterpillar friends, with his hand stuck out of the cocoon, while he is going through his God designed evolution??? Do you hear him shouting from inside the cocoon out to his wormy caterpillar friends [friends who they themselves refuse to evolve] how best to do it and what should happen next??? I really tried my best to use cute words to get my point across there! But I am sure you get what I am trying to say. Sometimes for you to grow, you have to let go of the negativity and hold on to the positive forces around you. Oh, and in case I did not say it earlier, the topic for today was Growth.



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