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Energy – the Funky Type : Birth Week Challenge to Post Daily

Day Six…..and my energy is all over the place. I could be all cute and flowery with my words, and make you think that I don’t have low days or low moments; but I do. There are days when I feel I can climb mountains [in my mind, not physically], there are days I feel I can fly over the mountains [again in my mind], and then there are these days. Days like this where I have to go to battle to keep my head above water. You thought I was Superwoman, didn’t you? Some days I think I am too, but just like everyone else, I have my moments and when I do my energy tends to go haywire. Writing during this time can go anywhere, who knows. Words tend to have a mind of their own and when combined with emotions and a whirlwind of energy, the effect can be explosive. With this in mind, we might as well call this post topic- Energy. And I apologize for the transition from yesterday’s butterflies and caterpillars to today’s blog post. It is clearly a little messy, but it’s Blog six, and at no point did I promise you Shakespeare.six

[I literally just spent an entire hour and a half trying to type this blog-even got up to 777 pointless words then deleted it. I refuse to write anything based off other people’s negative energy,and would rather fail at this challenge than to write a long-winded vent of why and how people’s energy can be toxic. But then again, maybe that’s what I need to do…maybe I need to be honest and just tell it as it is…]

…Human beings suck. They really do, and I wish I can say this more eloquently. But they really, really suck. They do stupid things, say stupid things and cause stupid thing to happen. If my daughter was reading this, she would give me a lecture on my word choice as I have told her many times that she should not call people stupid. But today I am excusing myself from being a good parent, and calling it as it is…. they can be [not all the time, but too many times, be a little] stupid.six5 This does not mean that I don’t like people, I am just allergic to the little and big things that they do to throw negative energy into the world. If you think I am over reacting, step into my brain for a moment or two.

Remember this is hypothetical and I am using a little bit of word dust here. So please, no one bombard me with emails and WhatsApp messages to express their belief that this post was all about them [you will be surprise on how people think that I write about them, it really isn’t that serious, sometimes I’m just writing about me]. I believe that each person projects an energy force that reflects their light…Keep with me…. This light or energy that can be felt by those close to them and in some cases, especially when it comes to emphatic people, even by people far away. With that said, because some people have not progressed in their emotional state-and like a stunted caterpillar they have not fully evolved into their better self-they can be very destructive. For an emphatic person just walking by trying to enjoy their normal day, this energy/light can translate into unexpected energy brick walls.  And there are days when these walls add up. I am sure you can Google energy and its effects on people’s health, emotions etc., if you are brave enough to doubt what I am saying. Why do you think doctors advise their patients to only keep positive people around when they are already sick or recovering? six4Dark energy lingers for a long time and it can affect so many things. I don’t even think that some people understand the level of destruction they leave in their wake. It’s hard to believe that there are people who actually intend to just shove their negativity down other people’s nostrils to infect their bodies and their emotions; while turning the air into a mine field. But just as there are good people, there are… [forgive my play with words, but I just feel like I walked through a mine field of explosive energy, and I see no reason to lie to myself, especially when I’m writing]. That being said, I think I have had enough of it, so…………

This is my message to any messy negative balls of energy who read this blog…Please Stop It. There comes a point that we must stop spewing our bad thoughts and our negative vibe into the world, especially on others. Suck it up and try to accept that some of the things that are not so colorful in your life may be your own doing. And where I can understand why a young toddler would throw tantrums and roll and scream on the floor [but only to a point, I’m a Caribbean parent and I am allergic to rudeness too], I have issues with adults acting all selfish, as if the world revolves around them and everyone should suffer because they are having a bad day. Toddler days are over.six2

What I can appreciate are those beautiful souls who, even when they go down, shoot up sparkles of positive energy to others to keep them elevated from the ground. I have been blessed to know a few of these people personally, and I thank God for their presence in my life. These are the cheerleaders who, even in their broken human form, emit such positivity and support that you have no way of remaining in your slump. Their energy is so addictive to the point that you want to bottle it up and spray it on you when you feel down. I want to publicly say that I love you guys and appreciate your God given gift to be rainbows in a sometimes-stormy world. That being said, I think it is time that I dust off some of the week’s negative energy and channel it into positive thoughts. As the Artist Travis Green sings it, “All things are working for my good.” So if things happen to look a bit shady right now, I am sure that God is more than able to turn, flip and roll them out into something better and greater than anything I can.


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