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Dreams….Day Seven of Birth Week Posts Challenge…I did it

Its Day Seven, and I made it. I challenged myself to write blog posts for seven days on this my Birth week…. There were times that I didn’t think that I would be able to, but it got done. This challenge was bigger than just writing about seven topics that the past year has taught me [though it may have started that way]. It brought up some thoughts, energy and dreams that I had let lay to rest prematurely. I was once told that that I dream too small for myself; that I could see beyond the universe for the people I wanted to help excel, but for myself I placed limits on the universe. This week I saw emotions rise, fall and flip over as decisions had to be made. In the end when faced with a sea of life choices, only one was made today. And that was to walk by faith until my eyes see the light. This, thus coincidentally, led to today’s post, the last one for this challenge, which is Dreams. Please note that I picked seven topics last Friday. I find it very comical that the only topic left is Dreams…the universe really has a sense of humor.

What would you do to keep your dreams alive? How much is your destiny-your purpose on this earth-worth to you? dreams1Would you sell it off cheaply with excuses; excuses that you have made for yourself or borrowed from other people, decorated with fluff, and named them ‘reasons why you can’t do this’ and ‘reasons you can’t do that’? I’m not trying to judge anyone, as I have been guilty of doing the same. But when your spirit gets ready to leave this earth and you cling to the angel of life begging for more time, and she asks you what have you done with your purpose, would you try to pay her off with excuses? Or will you insult her with detailed crumbs of fear, your lack of resources or worst yet…not enough time?

There comes a point in time when each person is presented with the opportunity to evolve into their true purpose [see that caterpillar post was there for a reason]. If you are like me, you would have had to face a few opportunities and unfortunately, if you are like me, you would have lost a few of those opportunities. In all transparency, a few of my prospects were lost because of self-doubt, fear of self-realization [that is a whole book in itself; one or two blog posts wouldn’t be sufficient to explain] and listening to other people’s voices who, at the time, overpowered my whisper and the steady calm of God’s. dreams3This is my reality. It’s not always cute, but it is real for me. Who knows…it may be real for you too. But opportunities are those moments…those flashes in which the universe turns its attention to you and aligns all its energy to allow you the chance to extend yourself into areas of self-growth and development. The thing is…you have to be ready for the flash; you have to do more than just look for it; you have to function in your day to day life as if you expect it to happen.

This level of expectation will make you practice, prepare and grind with every part of you, knowing that everything that you are will end up depending on or changing according to your level of discipline. You see favor can be granted [I don’t believe in luck, I believe in favor and I believe in hard work], but if you are not ready for it and if you can’t hold on to it, why do you believe you will get it and worst yet, maintain it? dreams2Your destiny and your purpose is no joke, so why do you think that the universe is going to bend over backward if you are going to be lazy or run from its prized efforts? Let me try to explain it with a simple and maybe even crass example… Try to catch the meaning, not your feelings. Don’t worry, I know my words can sometimes sting [they sting me too]. You sit at the bar, movies, table, chair, wherever you sit. You look at seemingly happy couples [don’t believe everything you see], and you start thinking about how you want your own man/woman…sounds familiar? [Feel free to replace man/woman with job, car, child, weight, money…you can even replace it with cake for all I care.] The Universe looks within/down on you and feels a warm spot for you, reviews its files for the best woman/man for you and gets ready to send it to you immediately.

Then, just when that ‘person/gift/purpose’ is getting packaged and sent via the Universal mail system…the angels see some red flags on your account. The angels realize that you are still selfish, they grasp that you have a strong trait of being materialistic, and focus more on a person’s physical traits than their overall attributes. The angels start rebelling and asks the Universe not to send one of their prized possessions to you, but instead to the person at the next table. That individual has spent years at self-development, has been grinding and praying, and though they would love to have someone in their life, their time was spent making themselves into the best person they can be and trying to find their distinct purpose. The angels make note that the next person isn’t perfect, but they maintain a steady relationship with God…and the Universe smiles. So, guess what happens? dreams4The address on the package is changed and you see the person/gift/opportunity show up for the other person. And what do you say, with your mouth open and your eyes turned up… “I know that didn’t just happen!” “But she/he doesn’t have anything over me!” “I’m prettier!” “I have more degrees!” “Why does she/he get all the attention/opportunities!?” “They must be doing…….. and …….!!!!” …I dare you to watch me with a straight face and tell me that you have never felt this way…I so dare you!

That person is no better than you. Truth is we are all human and as such equal…well, I may be a unicorn, but that’s another story. That person may have just been more worthy and ready to embrace the opportunity in that moment, and you weren’t. dreams6But just because you missed a few flashes of favor and opportunity, are you going to let that keep you from preparing yourself for the next opportunity that may circle around you? Please note that I don’t want anyone to reduce this blog post to the notion that I am just speaking about finding a significant other. Love is beautiful, and though I choose to love, I think each person is more than just that. While it is your purpose to share love and to receive love…you are more than that. What legacy will you leave on this earth, and are you preparing yourself for the moment when the universe is going to present you with the occasion to achieve it??

Next post will be Wednesday [we are back to our regular schedule].

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