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June's Woman of Movement: Malacia Shephard

This year, I have seen the Universe bend in ways that have left me dumbfounded to the way people, mostly strangers have literally reached out and helped me by offering either words of encouragement, an opportunity or even guidance. Basically, they turned into my cheerleaders in life. This is especially seen in terms of the positive energy received for my blog, my new book UnCaged Destiny, and my future goals. With all of this positive energy, even during negative moments, I started to understand how much my grind is absolutely useless if I am not willing to do the same for others. No, I do not see it as building competitors, but instead I believe that eagles fly with eagles, and that the universe has more than enough space for all of us to be stars. With this in mind I have decided that as I have received, so will I give in return.

To make this more than a moment of encouragement for me, I decided to add a little twist. My goal is to make this a movement, where I will reach out to promote, encourage and even coach, if needed, the hidden gems (women and men- I don’t discriminate) no matter their location on the Globe. This may be an individual personally known to me or someone whose energy and efforts I have observed. My hope is that this will grow and be echoed, not just by the individuals featured, but also by the readers of this blog. Positive energy breeds positive energy. To this world full of negativity, with people who aim to pull others down, I say, “Not on my watch…..we are gonna be more than a moment….this is a movement!”

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A Woman of Movement: Malacia Truly ShephardIMG_0140

This is just my biased opinion from reading this young woman’s blog, and communicating with her as she developed her online presence… but she is definitely one to watch. I came into contact with Malacia from observing her truly transparent style of writing on social media. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I like when people keep the fluff at a minimum, while maintaining truth and power in their words. For our first Woman of Movement, we went all the way to the US and stopped in Michigan to find Malacia Shepard. I’m not going to prolong and bore you with my thoughts on the energy and potential that I see in this young woman. Instead, I will get right to it and give Malacia a chance to tell you who she is and where her life’s journey has taken her. In the end, I am sure you will feel the same way that I do.


So tell us, who is Malacia Shepard?

My name is actually spelled Malacia Truly Shephard. (wow maybe it’s me, but clearly her parents new she was destined to be a true leader)

My birthday is June 20,1988, so that puts me right at 29 years old (happy birthday). If I had to use one word to describe myself it would be…extraordinary. I am unlike anyone else I’ve ever met and I’m ok with that. I am a lover of Christ and I live my life boldly for what I believe in. I’ve always been a very dedicated individual because failure is not an option for me. I am my hardest critic and that’s why I challenge myself often. I am a unique masterpiece that was created to make a difference in the world. My mind is stayed on Jesus and my actions deliver just that. I have been married to my best friend for 9 years and we have two amazing boys together ages 10 and 3.

How were you introduced to Cosmetology?

I decided to go to Cosmetology school after many years of watching my mom make women beautiful. My mother was never licensed, but she was a great stylist and that kept women coming often. I learned every skill from watching, not even trying to learn. At age 7, I could braid hair like a professional. I decided to become licensed because I knew that would open a full range of opportunities for myself. In 2009, I enrolled at Gallery College of Beauty in Mount Clemens MI.

A lot of people think that everything happens over night; tell me about your journey to establish For Her Glory LLC?


I completed cosmetology school November 2010 and received my license two weeks later. I’ve worked at many salons including Macy’s, J.C. Penney’s, and a few privately-owned salons. I decided I wanted to own my own salon one day so I went to school for cosmetology management. That taught me the professional end of owning my own business. I received my Associates in Applied Sciences December 2015 and continued working in my field to gain hands on experience. Soon after, I started my own business called For Her Glory LLC. For Her Glory was created so that I could personally teach women how to care, not only for their hair, but how to care for their complete selves, including their physical, spiritual and mental state. There are so many women in need of uplifting and that is where I come in. I teach my clients how to take care of themselves so that, even when their finances are on a strict budget, they can maintain their beauty. My business is currently in the growing phase, so I have not branched off into my own building. But I plan to in the beginning of 2018! I am a lover of people so inspiring others has always been my pleasure!


Being a positive woman who is always grinding, what else have you been up to?


 I recently started my own blog named “Truly Transparent.” Truly Transparent is dear to my heart, because its all of me – my flaws, mistakes, fears and doubts, along with how I overcame each of them. I blog to reach the hearts of those in need of the truth. I’m not selling fairytales or fantasies, I only desire to give my testimony to help the next individual. Honesty, as well as the good, the bad and the ugly. Blog Lyfe is a movement I started to empower bloggers to blog with purpose. Purpose-based blogging is not only gratifying for the writer, but it’s life changing for the readers.

I also started a Truly Transparent apparel line called Bloglyfe apparel geared towards other bloggers and those in support of what Truly Transparent encompasses as a whole. There will be two different style shirts available in both men and women sizes. Hats will become available to order at the beginning of July!  I’m excited to bring the Bloglyfe movement before others to show that we do better when we support one another!!!

FullSizeRender (1)img_0493.png


Last but not least, I completed my first book titled “It’s Both Our Faults.” Editing for the book is complete and now it’s currently in the publishing phase. It’s Both Our Faults is a book inspired from the Holy Spirit. It talks about the world’s view on marriage vs. God’s view. The awesome part is my husband wrote a portion in the book to give a male’s perspective and I must say it’s dope! We plan on releasing the book sometime at the end of September in honor of our ten-year wedding anniversary, which is September 29, 2017. I have a lot on my plate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I don’t think that one can ever achieve a real balance as entrepreneurs or as mothers. How do you approach each day?

Honestly sometimes I have no idea how I balance everything; I just pray and do my best and that works wonders for me.

In life, we sometimes face challenges as we try to move forward on God’s path. Have you experienced challenges on your journey?

There are challenges that I face especially within my marriage. My husband and I got married when I was 19, so we were young and immature. The hardest challenge was growing up and growing together. To this day, challenges may try to arise, but I have learned that the Word of God is more effective than any issues that would try to show itself to be bigger than God.

 Where do you see your journey in life taking you and your ministry over the next three years?

In the next three years, I see Truly Transparent being widely spread from state to state, changing one life at a time. I plan on having 3 books published and released. For Her Glory will grow into a foundation for women of all ages.


You can find Malacia at

Instagram: _trulytransparent

Facebook: Malacia Truly Shephard



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