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Are You Ready To Fly Alone

Can you fly alone? It may sound very simple, but can you really fly alone? You always hear people encouraging children to stand out from the crowd, not to follow peer pressure, and to be their own person. But do we really prepare our youth for this task? Are we even prepared or ready to really be our own person? The thing is, there is no glamour or music playing as you walk alone……Then again, if you loved music as much as I did, you would have your own personal soundtrack playing in your head as you walked, changing genres as necessary [I told you I had issues, but I am starting to embrace and love these issues more and more].eagles4

But past the digression, there really needs to be some truth told about walking your path alone and being your own person. Now I am not focusing on the individuals who choose to stay outside of society and just hate people. Not judging…that is a self-imposed path…but if staying locked away from everyone, their germs, their energy and their food [that’s the benefit of having friends, many of them can cook – at least many of mines can], then that is your personal choice and if that is what works for you, then good for you. I, personally, like to keep my circle intimate. Well… over the years I have shed more and more layers of negative energy – and the way things are going, I expect a few more layers being shed again. The thing is, some paths of your journey just have to be alone, by choice and sometimes by design.

This does not go against what I have previously said in other posts about eagles flying together. Eagles can fly together and they should support each other. eagles 6But that does not mean that your flight plan is going to be the same as theirs. It does not mean that you will all nest at the same time and at the same heights. Some of us may be comfortable soaring at ridiculous heights, with only the strength of faith taking us higher. Some people may be more comfortable remaining at a safe height, where they feel confident that they would recover from a sudden fall. Then, of course, there are those eagles who, though they are fully equipped with the wings and even though they have seen examples of flight, they would rather sit back and analyze the flight patterns of their fellow eagles, discuss the ways that their own flights would be held down by the “other birds” or strategize for years on how they should take their first flight. Sounds familiar, don’t it? A few of you reading may be some of those special eagles. But guess what… sometimes you have to step outside of the eagle crew to fully appreciate the span of your wings. You have to be willing to jump/lift off and take a chance against the winds of life.eagles9

But enough about soaring birds and punk birds. The truth is, God never promised you that you would have companionship on your path. Yes, there should be fellowship with others. But are you going to let your relationships, your fear of judgement, your fear of being alone or even your fear of failure keep you from finding and following your purpose. Is that friendship, that person or their opinion so important that you would rather sit back and live an average life, because what you want to do is not listed on the things-to-do pamphlet that they walk around with in their minds trying to restrict your growth and discovery. I mean let’s get a little more transparent and call a spade a spade. You already know you would be great at starting that business or changing careers, starting new certification courses – outside your comfort zone, or moving to that different country would be best, maybe even changing jobs. eagles5These have been some of my recent flight decisions, and trust me when I say that I have heard the eagle screams… oh, I have heard them [some laced with venom but covered in honey] and  i have seen the glares. But it is a good thing that I have selective eye sight and hearing, and the just sheer acceptance that I was not created to blend in, mixed with the inability to be controlled. Don’t blame me, this is the way God made me, and I don’t think that he makes mistakes…..

So, with a new flight plan in hand, I approach my new direction. And guess what… there aren’t that many eagles on my branch. I see many on various branches, each with their own flight plan. I am very happy to see them beam with pride as they get ready to soar in their various journeys. Some of their paths will lead them to great heights, many of them unknown. But I am confident that they will achieve great things and help many others along their way. Then there are those that I see still in the preparatory stage of their journey… I wish them God’s speed, pray that they would not face too many challenges and hope they will take flight when their times come. Then I step aside and take a look at the analysts, the self-proclaimed grounded professionals. There isn’t much to say. There will always be a need for critique. eagles7It blows up like hot air [in case you never learned it in school or Googled it like I did….air is needed to help birds rise higher]. So thank you for helping all of us lift up…whether it was by destiny or by choice. Our flight plans may change along the way. Who knows, we may change direction all together and God may show us a new and bigger plan for us….and that’s okay. We were made to adapt and with faith, the flight will continue.




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