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Alternative Universes, Gladiators & Human Development

A good friend of mine reminded me of the movie The Matrix and the way in which we sometimes feel as if we are living in an alternative reality. Later seeing my daughter watching an episode of Agents of Shield on Netflix, where there was an alternative reality, kept the thought bouncing around in my brain a little longer than most passing thoughts. [By the way, isn’t it interesting how the universe does that…the way words and images are able to collide on you to drive home a point? Especially when you are being a bit of a daft pumpkin and not catching its subtler messages?!] After spending a few minutes in thought, I came to the conclusion that as humans, I don’t think we deserve the right to have alternative/additional realities. As a human race, we are constantly reminded over and over that no matter the amount of years, no matter the centuries of human development, we really suck when it comes to actual growth.gladiator4

Think about it a little… angels must be somewhere in heaven looking down on us and asking God if he is sure that he really wanted to call us his chosen ones, and perhaps out of everything that he created, we may have been the ones that should have stayed in the creation factory. We have had a few thousand-depends who you ask they may say even over 100,000-years on the planet. And you mean to tell me that up to now we can’t figure out how to be good little girls and boys? We created airplanes, spaceships, fertility treatments, the internet, and one of my favorites…coffee. Yet, we can’t seem to show empathy, kindness and genuine love for each other. Something seems wrong with that type of development. How is it so easy for us to connect with the idea of walking on the moon and reaching out to people around the world? Yet, it is unfathomable for us to see and connect with that person and accept that their energy is part of who we are; and that we should feel a connection with them and feel some level of empathy to them.

I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of hurting or using others. As I have gotten older, it has grown from a level of discomfort to the point of, sometimes, disgust. This does not have to happen in front of me- I even have issues watching it in movies. No, this does not make me a giant Care Bear. It simply means that I am protective and acknowledge the energy that I absorb and the forms of creativity that I choose to support. I encourage positive energy and I promote positive messages. I accept that everyone has the right to entertain themselves and I accept that many people choose not to connect to what occurs around them, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be a witness.gladiator

I always find it interesting when people can take a hypocritical look at the savage nature that gladiators and similar sports had throughout history. Easily judging the way people could watch and cheer the sport/killings, while persons were literally hacked up for entertainment. But from my point of view, there isn’t much that makes us any different today. This week social media went crazy at the level of disrespect that one celebrity had for another by sharing revealing videos/pictures as a form of revenge/heartbreak/anguish/spite [pick your own word choice]. Many saw it as entertainment, automatically passing judgement on the lifestyle of the celebrity and even making comments that she deserves it. I don’t really give two farts on what others think…everyone is free to have their own opinion, and I know that many people tend to see their neighbor’s dirty curtains easier than watching the filth behind their doors. But to each their own. My point is, what makes us any better than those who watched the physical carnage centuries ago for sport? gladiator3Are we any different when we can find entertainment in watching people’s lives get ripped apart? Add to this the fact that whatever happens to these celebrities, there are still children involved, and they will-thanks to the internet-have to face and live with their parent’s failings and the judgement and the ‘extra’ added by everyone else. I’m just saying as a kid who got spanked/punished/lashes from the principle for verbally going after a classmate who said something about my mother once. Can you imagine the crap these kids will have to face in the future? But that isn’t our business, right? Because this does not affect our direct lives.

But maybe that’s it… We already don’t care if someone else is hungry, as long as we have enough. We don’t care if someone is heartbroken, because we have our joy. We don’t care if people are hurting and crying out, so long as our eyes are dry. The idea that we as humans have become so advanced that we now have toilets that warm and wash our….parts, yet we have no ability to decipher that the development of empathy would be a greater movement forward as a people, is a great loss. Making excuses for others who depict savage or uncaring behavior, in my opinion, is as useful as watching a toddler throw a tantrum and doing nothing. It’s not as if they have us to look to for a living example. Remember, we already messed up this reality scene. Instead we raise a generation of people who are unaccountable for their actions. Who, instead of nursery rhymes and life encouraging stories, are sucked into our modern gladiator rings. And what is to stop them from being satisfied with just watching the sport? What makes you think that they wouldn’t take the sport outside of the stadium walls? I mean…remember we are developed now, and this is now their reality.gladiator2



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