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Fall-ing Into Place

It’s Fall… and God is showing off again. I am having so much fun observing the way that nature shows off when seasons change. If you have the opportunity to live in, or travel to, a country that experiences Fall, I beg you to do it – it can be life changing. This does not mean waking up and going about your day-to-day life as normal. It means taking, not just a single moment, but a few moments every single day to stop, observe and embrace what is happening around you and what it means for your life. Fall represents change for me. Yes, I love all the other seasons, and they all have their own beauty, purpose and meaning. But I really love Fall. After growing up and living in the Caribbean for so many years, I think I got accustomed to nature’s beauty being there all the time. Each country that I’ve lived in or visited had their own unique take on nature. From the magical boulders and steep hills in the BVI, the lush green mountains and scenery of St. Kitts & Nevis, to the amazing lazy beaches of Antigua; I have always had a thing for silently appreciating my surroundings. But the dance of leaves, as their colors transform and ever so gracefully – yet powerfully – move towards the ground, creates the most exquisite symphony of change.fall (9)

But this symphony does not have to stop here; nature does not have to be the only dancer in this season. You too can transform… You too can shed… You too can be part of the symphony of change. A symphony can be easily defined as an elaborate instrumental composition in three or more movements. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And for many it may just be. But for those of us who need more details and strategy to get our life arrangement to sound more like a musical masterpiece and not a ‘Mary had a little lamb’ arrangement, I will try to use more details [to this day, this may still be the only song that I can play on a piano].

Keeping this in mind, let us take our examples from the trees in this season and look at the three main actions required… Transformation… Shedding… and then, of course, Move.

Trees don’t stay the same and expect things to change, so why do we? Trees know what time it is. They understand their seasons. So, why don’t we? This seems to be a very touchy topic, and my tolerance for excuses is not where it used to be. So, before you start to give me excessive reasons on why this is not a good time or you don’t have what it takes…Please consider that with all the intelligence of the human brain, and with all of the abilities that we have been given, are you really gonna try and tell me that a tree is smarter than us/you? Try and take a moment before you answer that question. It is time to Change! It is time to Evolve! It is time to Transform! fall (4)What you did yesterday is barely working for you today. So how the heck do you think that it is going to work for tomorrow! Life itself is a huge ball of constant movement; there is always going to be change. Refusing to evolve, transform and to allow growth is the same as shouting out to the universe that a tree is smarter than you and has more purpose than you do. Now remember, I love nature and the beauty of trees. But I have accepted that my destiny is too great to just sit down any more and be stagnant, and I know deep down you know that your destiny is too great to stand still. Therefore, it’s time to show off on the trees and show them the beauty in your evolution – take chances, try new things, jump out of your box, and walk away from your comfort zone. There is too much beauty and diversity in the evolution of becoming who you were destined to be, not to transform from the you of your past, to the you of tomorrow.

Step two is the dance of Shedding. Now, I can appreciate the shedding aspect of trees, because, thankfully, I don’t have a big back yard to clean up after them. But instead, I can see it not as a mess, but as a dance. Your positioning and your view point play a big role in how things affect you, and the dance of falling leaves is very similar to that. Trees release leaves without much ceremony or pomp and circumstance – there is no reality show or awards ceremony for the action, they just get the job done. In life, shedding should be like that. fall (8)It’s not that there wasn’t a time or season for the leaves – I am sure that there was a moment when both the leaf and the tree needed to be in each other’s life to learn, nurture and grow together. But without bitterness, the tree accepts that they each have their own destiny, and for it to continue growing, it must let go. If it does not, the leaves will become toxic and refrain it from change and development. As humans, it is a little more extensive for us. Sometimes we must release/cut ties to people very close to us and in so doing, we may have to shed habits, as well as lifestyles. Sometimes these people have continuously hurt us, and sometimes they just have kept us walled into the older version of who we were and respond negatively to us changing. For the next season in your life, you have to drop all negativity and cling to the ones that are supportive of who you are destined to be. NOTE: This does not mean you should keep the people who are afraid to tell you the truth, who sit back and smile as you continue to destroy your life. fall (6)Supportive stakeholders will offer you productive and proactive advice, while supporting you as you take real steps towards your future. They are not going to stand by and smile to your face and then gossip behind your back as you continue to stay stagnant or even worst rescind in growth. Be careful who you keep near you and be careful who you let go. Shedding is part of life. If they are not for you growing, then they are against you [harsh but fact].

So now that you [well… if I am honest about it, it is really we/me/us] have made the necessary transformative changes, and shed the redundant and sometimes painful ‘leaves’ in our lives, there is only one more step. This, however, is an essential part of your symphony. But, it doesn’t require you to be fearless. It does not require you to have everything perfectly ready. It simply requires you to just get up and crave your destiny so much that you are willing to put your all into it. fallYes, it may be a bit different for trees, as they are kept rooted down and unable to physically get up. But don’t get it twisted, they are still fulfilling their destiny and so should you. This is your season it is your turn/our turn… It is time to fully live within your purpose and to be truthful to your story. It is time to take that course, to register for that degree/certificate, to walk out of that toxic relationship and love yourself, to create new content, start that new business, write the book, travel the world, adopt that kid, start that exercise regime. The list is endless! No matter the dream, this is the season to grasp it and dance the heck out of life’s rhythm.

Thought for today: What transformations are you working on during this season? What will you shed to embrace your growth? Are you ready to move into your Uncaged life?









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