Climbing into your Future while acknowledging your Past

I have pondered and pondered on what I would write about for 2018’s first blog post. I considered writing something real deep, bearing in mind all of the highs and lows of 2017. I considered something upbeat as a compass to where I would like 2018 to follow. Guess what? No matter how much I tried, the words in my head refused to behave and decided to come out the way they wanted to — with no real considerations to my feelings or my game plan. Life has been like that… it does what it wants when it wants and how it wants. Yes, we have a role in how it goes, but sometimes the universe sends us down a rabbit hole with the aim of either teaching us or leading us to where our destinies may lay. I, for one, am no big fan on the process used and the multiple twists and turns of each rabbit hole. If left to my own design life would be a little more direct and offer morning text messages to warn you of the upcoming twists in advance. Unfortunately, and fortunately, life was not designed by me. As with each of the turns and twists, I have had the opportunity to learn many things that, if left to my own devices, would have been left unknown, leaving me ill-prepared for the future. So instead of wasting a lot of unnecessary time trying to make this into some Shakespearean post, I am going to try and keep it simple, just state what it is I would like you to take from 2017, and offer some suggestions to consider in 2018 [well at least four of them, if I wrote all it would probably be a book and not a blog post].yeshi-kangrang-258234

  1. Everyone needs to have their own prayer/chant. A few years ago, I started saying/writing/breathing in the words: “Passion,” “Purpose,” and “Peace.” I think they became my mantra… a way of weighing the importance of moments, people and things in my life. If something or someone did not assist, enhance or encourage these three principles, then they would not be a priority in my life. Yes, I know you may think that this is a bit cold, but the closer I get to 40, the less time I have with entertaining fluff and nonsense — it does not make life easier and I have never been one to hoard people’s opinions for too long anyway. With my three P’s, I found that I was able to be more precise in my decision making. However, an unexpected result I experienced was that they would also allow me to adapt/change/evolve whenever the universe decided to throw curve balls. I found that, with these three as my foundation, it was easier for me to adjust to changes in location, careers, people, and life in general. I am not saying it was always easy, but it made it much easier to swallow and to see the purpose in the process. Find your own personal chant/prayer; feel free to use mine if you want to. But find something that you can hold on to and whisper to yourself when the waves of change start to rise. It may sound simple, but trust me when I say that it helped me to focus and to release as the need arise.


  1. I do not believe that we have to dismiss our past to climb into our future. Note, I am not saying that you should live or remain in your past. If you know me long enough, you would know that I accept and believe in change, and that in some ways I am allergic to stagnation and stagnated people. What I am saying, however, is that you should treat the past as a lesson book to see where and how you may have gone wrong, and take accountability for the role that you played in your life. Yes, you may have fallen victim to things outside of your control, but there are many decisions in which you played an active role and you are only a victim of your own decision making. As cold and unfair as this may sound, it is true, and not just for you, but for all of us. And without accountability, we will not be able to enter 2018 claiming our purpose. You now have a choice when walking or crawling [depending on how hard your year was] into 2018: you can either stay where you are and remain stagnant for the rest of your life or you can keep moving. You may be slower than you originally intended — you may be wounded — and you may be alone, but still moving. No one can make that decision for you, only you can decide if this is where you want to be.


  1. It is not always about your legacy. In 2017, and already in 2018, I received many opportunities and offers of assistance from people who I have never met. As a result of (but not limited to) the writing of my first book UnCaged Destiny, as well as writing engagements for magazines, I have had strangers reach out and help me move closer to my destiny. There was nothing that I could offer them in reward for their kindness and mentoring, but they willingly helped me. In 2018, I want to do that for others. I want this to be a year that I not only focus on my personal goals, but help others achieve theirs. I may not be a miracle worker, but I believe that each one of us holds a great purpose, and we should inspire/motivate others. So, whether it will be providing personal coaching or guidance in a new business or project, I think that it is only right that I pay it forward. I am hoping that all of my readers will do the same — it can be something little to something unimaginable! But whatever it may be, do it for someone else. Help another person to achieve their goals, even if you have nothing to gain.


  1. Your dreams and gifts won’t always come packaged the way you envisioned them. This year will probably be one of great change for many, if not all, of us. It is up to us whether we will break under the strain or embrace the change as a way of moving forward towards our destiny. The goals and items that I imagined and strategically placed on my last vision board were achieved, but not quite the way in which I thought they would be. If I had remained rigid and set in my ways, I probably would have missed out on many of the opportunities that came before me [even the ones wrapped in obstacles and loss]. You see, not every gift is going to present the way we might want it to be. Sometimes what may appear as an obstacle today, may end up being the creative force behind your next achievement or ascension. Focusing on the wrong things, instead of your foundation, can leave you flustered and without the ability to concentrate on what is actually happening. I am praying that we will take everything that comes our way in 2018 as either a lesson or an opportunity to grow.


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