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Three Year Blog Anniversary: The Journey has just Begun

Today marks Three years since the birth of UnCaged Phoenix. If you had asked me prior to three years ago if I could have imagined that this is what I would be doing, trust me the answer would have been No!!!! Though I grew up with no real barriers to my internal thoughts, the idea of writing them down and presenting them to the world would leave me speechless and for many years without a voice. But then 2015 happened and I found my voice.

Maybe it was the emotional accumulation from my prior years, or it could have been a universal shift and [though somewhat cloaked and a few too many times ignored] a strong belief in God. Whatever the driving force may have been, I was finally able to utter/write my first words. Though far from perfect, I uncaged the words and let them slip from the cavities of my heart and mind onto the keyboard and wrote ‘Blanket of Memories’. With this blog piece, though extremely private and probably my shortest post to date, I was able to throw out the lock that held every other word captive. And thus, was birthed.


But with all worthy journeys, there were highs and lows, and there were many stumbling stones along the way. Of the few people I shared the blog’s existence to, many told me that my writing was just too transparent and that I gave out too much of my personal business and opinions. [To this day, I often wonder how people expect to move forward into their future when their feet are still covered with the closeted ghosts of their past]. When it was realized that I actually enjoyed writing and others were reading, that’s when the second round of emotional warfare started.  And though I believe and welcome positive and empowering critique, don’t ever get it twisted to believe that all forms of criticism are positive. For as I continued to write, there were times when I was asked if I had nothing better to do with my time. One of the lessons I have learned over the past three years is that sometimes people get too comfortable with the boxes they have put themselves – and by extension others into, so they become incapable of seeing outside the box. This is when the third wave came. I was told that I cared too much for the people who read the blog and I was getting too attached to my readers. While that blow was still simmering, I was told that I was just not good enough and it would not amount to much.

If you are new to this blog you may not really know as yet, but I am – and will always be -a person who bounces back after the initial hurt from a negative setback and uses that force to make me better and push me forward. You know that moment when you look up and you scream out and say ‘enough is enough’? Some may want to give this a pretty name and describe it as strong will and determination, but I tend to just call it as it is: pure stubborn will and the refusal to break.  Like everyone else, I have my strong and weak points. Like many individuals, when I am attacked /betrayed /hurt /rejected /used /abused [pick a verb that works best for you] I will fall down and if you get me good enough, there will even be tears.


But on the reverse side to that fall and those tears, you will find that stubborn will  [everyone has a limit] and when I started to comprehend what I was doing was bigger than me, I had to step out in faith. This was when I started to look inside of myself and with watery eyes  I pulled out my spiritual birth certificate.

You see, my spiritual birth certificate does not list my earthly/natural characteristics or limitations. Instead, it states that I am a child of God and due to my heavenly DNA, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Sometimes when you fall you have to look at your documentation and remember who you are. My spiritual documentation also tells me that the universe has bent for me in the past and will always continue to do so. For each universal shift, it has always provided me with heavenly and earthly angels to assist me along my journey. When everyone else said no, they said, “Don’t stop”. Or when I started to listen to the negative voices, they said, “Never give up”. And even when I thought I wasn’t good enough, they told me “You are more than enough”.  Through this internal and external force, I was able to see how I could use each of my messy life growth experiences to inspire and encourage someone else on their own journey.  For in life you have to only surround yourself with people with vision; those who can see more in you than you can even see for yourself.


Through faith – and armed with my spiritual documentation, my universal angels, and my strong refusal to see others broken – I took all of my energy and let it flow into my blog posts. Though unconventional and eclectic in its topics, the blog offers honesty and a slightly twisted sense of humor with a dash of sarcasm. Over the past three years, the website has evolved and is regularly visited by readers in over 51 countries throughout the world. And though many people may focus their desire on having millions of followers and likes, I learned from my daughter [wisdom comes in many forms and ages] that it is not about the quantity, but it is truly about the quality that you can give each one. With my humble numbers, I am able to offer more than just a few fancy words tied together in paragraphs and presented as a weekly blog post. Instead,  beyond the blog, I am able to truly listen to their voices and offer an empathetic ear and motivating voice.


This is what Uncaged Phoenix has developed into. It is now an inspirational hub where people can feel free to read about topics that are normally kept hidden under the family kitchen floor and away from the neighbors. It covers the topics that drive employees into the office bathroom with anxiety when they feel alone and powerless. It delves into the doubt and anxiety of being an entrepreneur or going back to school and starting over again. And it sheds light on the internal battles and conquests that real people face every day. Yes, it is still unfiltered and without a lot of fluff. Between the straight to the point wording, there are rainbows of hope and support for all of its readers.


This is just the beginning… With the release of UnCaged Destiny – Novella Series, I have just scratched the surface. There are many other projects that will be unveiled in the near future, including more books and podcasts. The one-on-one coaching and mentoring will also continue, for it is not a short race or a competition to me. It is instead a marathon where I would love to see everyone find their gift and their joy and complete their race. There are so many entrepreneurs, students, creatives, parents and much more who make up the Uncaged family. And together, I believe that every member is able to support, encourage and even pray for the other. With this positive energy, no individual will stand alone in life. They instead, form a movement where their whispers shake the ground.

This is no longer just a website, it is a legacy…





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