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June Magazine

June is here! June is finally here!! Can you tell that I am excited?! If not, I may need to say it two more times…June is here! June is here!! My love for June may be a little biased—as it is my birth month—but when you look at its calendar position and generally the weather, what is there not to love?! In June you are able to look back and acknowledge the fact that you have survived. You may not be where you want to be, you may not have gotten close to achieving your goals, but during this month there is no judgment.

June is a month for rebirth, perfectly positioned to allow you to look back at the reality of how far you have come, all while taking the necessary steps to move forward. Not everyone makes a fresh start in January; we all don’t begin the race at the same time. Some of us—especially me—require a burning bush and a few shooting stars before we can position ourselves to get going.

In this month’s magazine, we are going to provide you with the motivation to move forward. With a get-up and go attitude, you can put the critical changes into play to take your life beyond the dreaming and planning to the implementing and realizing. This is the month where we learn the sound and power that exists within our voices and why it is so important to release it into the world.

In honor of Father’s Day, our feature article A Father’s Love by Elisa Grady is definitely one which takes a fresh but well needed look into the powerful bond shared between a father and child. This heart pulling article sheds light onto the reality that can exist even when life circumstances aren’t perfect. It is definitely a must read and one of my favorites to date!

Don’t forget to check out this month’s challenge and your personal printout; both skillfully crafted to give you a leg up, get you refreshed and prepare you to get up and get going.

Enjoy this month’s magazine and never forget to let your whisper shake the ground!

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