Hey you,

How are you doing? No, this is not me trying to be polite, this is me genuinely asking and caring about how you are doing. I wanted to take some time out to check up on you and make sure that everything is okay. I know it has been a long minute since we spoke [or since I have posted anything].  Nonetheless, I wanted to reach out to all of you. It doesn’t take an empath to know that right now, people are struggling with fear and anxiety.


No matter what part of the world you live in, you would have either heard of or been personally affected by the Covid-19 virus in some way. Maybe you know someone who has fallen ill, your kids’ school may be closed leaving you scrambling to keep them occupied and safe, you may be forced to work from home, been briefly laid off, or have had to close your business temporarily. Like many others, you may have had to rush to the grocery store to buy groceries to only meet empty shelves and closed stores [what is it with the massive rush for toilet paper?]. Or you may even be quarantined or self-isolated.

UnCaged Phoenix message to Readers during Covid-19

The news outlets are clearly doing their jobs [a bit too well in my opinion] to remind us every minute of every hour, of the continuously changing environment we are now living in. I am sure that I don’t have to even mention the stock markets and their downward dance. 

Yes, a lot of stuff is happening right now, and to put it as best as I can in a colloquial way:  “Shit is hitting the fan and it is hitting said fan and spraying from multiple directions all at the same time” [I’m sure you get the picture].

For some, all of this may be crashing down on you all at once. I, for one, know that with great uncontrollable change, comes increased feelings of insecurity and rising panic levels. People are afraid.  Fear and uncertainty are being spread throughout our families, friends and communities much faster than the corona virus itself. It never shocks me how negativity spreads faster than anything else. Humans are funny like that, we will keep all of the toilet paper for ourselves, yet we will gladly spit out and spew fear’s venom without a thought. Many people don’t even care if it makes sense, instead we run around [like headless chickens] pulling everyone into our personal clucking all while sucking the positivity out of each other. You think I am lying? I challenge you to put it to the test! How many of you are going to share this email/blog post with your circle compared to how many of you will share an article or a meme talking about the recent infection rate….I’m waiting to see if I am wrong….but I tend not to be wrong [often].


You have a Choice, You Have Control

I understand that we need to prepare, and yes people, please prepare and be as cautious as possible. I may strive to be a rainbow unicorn of positivity, nonetheless I am also a realist. Buttttttttt what I don’t want you to do is to spend 24/7 of your day running around like a chicken screaming that the sky is falling [see what I did there 😊 I got the word chicken in again].


No matter your situation, please know that you are not alone, and you don’t have to face this global obstacle by yourself. Let me repeat it again, as it sometimes takes a few times of seeing something before people can accept a fact – You. Are. Not. Alone. UnCaged Phoenix [though originally created as a safe zone to release my thoughts] has grown into a community of global members.  As a big and diverse family, we are going to overcome this together. At UnCaged Phoenix, we couldn’t just sit back, knowing how concerned, worried and anxious you are, and not reach out to you.

I can hear you saying it now: Lisa, that is easier said than done right? Trust me I know; my kids are home from school too, so the sound of screaming chickens is very real for me, and as I said before, I am a realist, so I understand the situation. However, as with my kids and the same is true for adults at any age, we need to stay occupied with positive thoughts and activities. You know the bible verse “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece”, well we have to keep occupied and focused on positivity. 

Over the next two weeks and as long as we need to, we are going to provide you with blog posts, self-development activities, business guides, family indoor activities, printables, for you and the kids…. and as much other suggestions as we can find, all to keep you in control of your mind and all of this new free time. We understand that many of you have had your budgets hit hard by the need to stock your homes, and the sudden reduction in income sources. You don’t need any additional expenses added to your list and for this reason all of these things will be offered for FREE to all of our readers and subscribers. I am not promising that we will be able to provide these resources daily but do know that we are going to do our best to be there for all of you. All I ask of you is to not hoard the positivity but to share it to as many people as possible. Let’s see if we can support each other in a positive way during this period…. remember we are UnCaged.

Chickens & Toilet Paper Message

Final Note:

We may not have control over everything that is happening around us at the moment, but we do have the choice concerning how we react:

  • We choose how and when we will pray
  • We choose what we listen to and read
  • We choose what we do with our time [especially those of us who are spending more time at home]
  • We choose what we decide to think about
  • We decide how we can support each other.

Check out the image below to find today’s resource. You can CHOOSE to do today to take back control over your mind and your time.

Talk to you very soon,

Founder: Lisa Smithen


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