Who Are These People?
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Who Are These People?

Have you ever taken a good look at the people around you? I don’t mean a casual, once over glance but an in-depth look into who they are and what they represent. Have you ever  wondered how, what, why and, more importantly, when did they become who they are?

Over the past few weeks, many of us have been isolated from people we thought we knew and isolated with others we thought we understood. Over this time, we have learned that what we knew and who they are not, in reality, the same. This new awareness is not merely consigned to the children and spouses or other family members and roommates with whom we happen to share our homes with. It has spread further to include our neighbors, friends, coworkers, employers, and even some of the reflections we come face to face within the mirror. With this sudden upsurge of additional time, many truths are revealed, leaving many of us exposed to the unfiltered reality and forcing us to question,  who are they?

Children destroying the house during quarantine

I must say that 2020 has been a very historical year and we are not even halfway through it as yet. Nonetheless, to this date, I have not heard of any news report [as farfetched as some of them have been] to include anything about body snatchers. Yet here we are in April, surrounded physically and digitally by people who are somewhat alien to us. Have they always been this way? Have they evolved/de-evolved over time? Are they planning to stay this way or am I only now taking the time to see them for who they really are? For some of you, the ideas that aliens came down and are currently occupying your children’s and spouses’ bodies are believable. Clearly, they couldn’t be your family members as your family members would understand why and how to pick up after themselves or remember how to do the essential human functions without being told. Like me, you may lack the comprehension of how your technologically advanced children now suddenly lack the understanding that dishes need to be washed by a human and why their laundry will not magically reappear clean. For those of you trapped in this twilight zone, alien possession may explain this change in behavior, and who knows, maybe at some point E.T. will call home.

Black Woman Having Online Video Call On Laptop With Friends

Then there are the friends, acquaintances, community members and leaders who have yet to understand that, although the world may be spinning off of its axis in a direction that nobody knows, this uncertainty does not give them the excuse to turn themselves into Hyde suddenly, and out of character from their previously more amicable Jekyll character. There is no need for them to start pushing their hidden negativity into an already fragile atmosphere. I know we should all share our gifts and talents but some abilities, especially those devoted to spreading gossip, hatred, jealousy and pure foolishness, isn’t necessary or required. Instead, maybe these new ‘androids’ should consider transferring all of their unique energy and time that they have been endowed with into helping someone other than themselves. Instead of causing anguish, they may be able to do some good in the world. It may not be a lot of good individually, but if projected from each one of them, we may have enough sparkle to generate some positive rainbows.

The only welcomed stranger out of the bunch is your hidden voice. For all these years, unknown to you, this person has laid undercover and away from your consciousness. Hidden behind your day to day rush, you forgot she even existed. But now, uncovered by your new lack of external distractions, she is starting to emerge and to tell you the truth, I think it is about time. You see, unlike your alien family members or the Hyde-ish personality traits of others, she never deserved to go into hiding. Within her lies all of your silenced dreams, ambitions, and plans. Having to do ‘life’ and fit into the boxes of other people’s opinions had left her silent and a shadow of her former self. Though sometimes bullied by the Hydes of the world, if given the opportunity, this stranger could find her way in the world and spread some well-needed light into the atmosphere. Trying to cover her up or silencing her will not do you or anyone else other than the Hydes of the world any good. Staying quiet to survive this period or blend in merely is not enough and going back to the norm would be a slap in the face for all of those no longer here. Instead, let us welcome all of our hidden voices and unleash them into the world. Empower them to live in the light, and you may just surprise yourself with what role your dreams may play in your future if allowed to develop fully. When it is all said and done, I am sure it will be welcomed even by many of the aliens and androids in the world.

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