Purpose Beyond The Wall

Purpose Beyond The Wall

Unlike popular belief, there are no fairy godmothers who appear on the day of our birth to decree what our one true purpose in life will be. If this were so, then clearly, they got lost and forgot to show up on my doorstep, and I am assuming yours too. Maybe they couldn’t find us or perhaps the joke is on us. We often hear people referring to finding and achieving their purpose in life, but have you ever stopped to ask: “What if we are aren’t only granted one path?”

Fairies never showing up wasn’t because they didn’t exist, or that they were hungover from a late-night fairy party. We never really needed them! The people we are today—what defines us and the paths we take—weren’t designed to have one destination. Life wasn’t intended to be a one-stop microwavable experience. It was designed to have multiple lanes and purposes all in one lifetime.

Finding Your Life's Purpose

If we were to open up our minds to the possibility that there is no ONE path, then we may also have to consider that the life events we previously described as disappointments, roadblocks, or an end were truly just shifts in our seasons. But if this were true, wouldn’t it also mean that these shifting moments could be a time for you to discover more about yourself and another possible hidden purpose or path? Shocking, isn’t it? All this time you thought this impasse was the worst thing that could have happened to you, when in fact it may have been happening for you.

You may be asking: “Shouldn’t my purpose, growth, and opportunities come to me without a fight?” That would be great, wouldn’t it, but birthing anything takes time and work. So, why would your growth be any different? Maybe you think that you should know what you want and how to get it without spending time figuring it out. Yeah, that isn’t working too well for you right now, is it?! Why hold on to a mindset that not only was faulty in the past but also doesn’t serve you today. I know it looks easy when we observe others—especially on social media, where people seem to know who they are and what they want in life, all while achieving their purpose without any sidetracks. However, there isn’t always an ‘aha moment’ in the real world, followed by shouts of excitement. There is no pretty paper and bows to unwrap and receive your direction. Trust me! I wish there were angels on harps announcing who we should be.

Society has trained us into believing that good things only come easy and adorned in beautiful wrapping. This has left many people incapable of recognizing their direction or willing to accept that they can have more than one season or reason. This has us believing that we have an all or nothing chance to get everything right. But this isn’t true! Some of the happiest and most successful people have had multiple seasons and have experienced many callings within their life. They have experienced highs and lows and understood that life is about the journey and not limited to one destination. By using the hiccups or shifts in their lives as pivotal moments, they were able to adapt and move forward.

Ask yourself these questions:

If you knew firsthand that you would have had to go through all the experiences you’ve had to this point to reveal your gifts, would you willingly take additional years of hard work to unearth more?

Would you unwrap your future if you knew that peeling away each layer would result in you being left vulnerable to the unknown?

Could you continue your search for something that you couldn’t see but knew that if you kept working and looking, it would be there eventually?

Could you come to terms with the fact that your purpose in one season in your life would possibly change and evolve as you had more experiences and encounters?

Finding Your Way

Don’t feel bad if you said NO to most of those questions. Many people would and have chosen the easier path, as it would require less risk and effort. They see roadblocks as walls and not forks in the road. Breaks in their journey are viewed as an unacceptable risk, and they withdraw in search of the familiar.

The fact that you are reading this may be a sign that you are willing to put in the work and say yes to turning your roadblocks into opportunities. Being Ok isn’t enough for you anymore. If you are honest with yourself, you will see that you have always wanted more, even if it meant it wasn’t going to be easy. Some people may never understand why you are different or why you have the quirks that keep you from staying down when others have given up. It would be best if you accepted that they can’t and will never comprehend why you are who you are and why you are willing to keep trying after all you have been through in life. They don’t have your vision or your destiny, so they will never get it.

Remember, the fairies aren’t coming, and this is not the time to procrastinate. And it surely isn’t the time to withdraw. If you are interested in learning the different ways you can maneuver the roadblocks in your life and transition your focus to finding hidden purpose and opportunities, please click the button below to find out more.

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