UnCaged Phoenix employs creativity, empathy and the power of words, in combination with over 2 decades of business experience and community involvement, to help individuals and businesses attain their next level. We offer actionable solutions to everyday situations in life and business while removing all of the unnecessary fluff.

Hi! My name is Lisa Smithen, the founder of UnCaged Phoenix. I hesitate to use descriptors such as “superwoman” or “perfection” as they do not apply to me. I am simply an individual who is living into who she is meant to be at this point in her life… a Phoenix. Sometimes I can be a bit funny, then the next day I am deeply philosophical. Life is too short to live in a box being afraid of what others may think about what you have to say [they are gonna talk about you no matter what you do or say].


“Lisa willingly engages at the intersection of life and faith in all its beauty, complexity and messiness. By day she is a  coach, content creator, mother and wife. Lisa’s love for people,words and business, drives her creative expression as a coach, freelance writer and blogger.  She thrives on seeing others succeed, and channels that passion into entrepreneurship, non-profit and community efforts as well as being a listening ear.

Her eclectic musings on her adventures can be also be found on Instagram: uncagedphoenix_blog.”

Drop me a quick note at customerservice@uncagedphoenix.com, and let’s see how we can create something inspiring together.

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