I don’t think it is right for me or anyone to make the decision on if someone’s past performance in one area of their life should be a decisive and defining factor when it comes to determining their future. Who are we to say that their past results may not have been based on motivational factors and surroundings

I was not interested in most fairytales as I found them unrealistic, and depending on someone else to rescue me and save me – that just did not make sense to me. I mean think about it, what if the prince for Snow White had gotten lost, would she have had to stay with that piece of apple all up in her throat for years and years just because the dwarfs never learned the Heimlich maneuver? And what if Rapunzel had dry hair and split ends? Does that mean that her prince would have ripped her hair and never got to climb up to her window?

The truth be told it was actually quite simple…I felt overly judged in many other parts of my life. I couldn’t bare having to defend or relinquish this part of me as some untrained or unsympathetic soul maliciously ripped my words apart. So rather than expressing and sharing them, I kept them hidden – selfishly but truly defensively. You see, as simple as it may appear to anyone reading this, the ability to play with and twist words is a gift. But I did not always see it in its true form. I just thought that it was something that I did. It wasn’t something that I trained to do. How could I, when I kept it hidden under a rock on most days?

Eagles can fly together and they should support each other. But that does not mean that your flight plan is going to be the same as theirs. It does not mean that you will all nest at the same time and at the same heights. Some of us may be comfortable soaring at ridiculous heights, with only the strength of faith taking us higher. Some people may be more comfortable remaining at a safe height, where they feel confident that they would recover from a sudden fall. Then, of course, there are those eagles who, though they are fully equipped with the wings and even though they have seen examples of flight, they would rather sit back and analyze the flight patterns of their fellow eagles, discuss the ways that their own flights would be held down by the “other birds” or strategize for years on how they should take their first flight. Sounds familiar, don’t it? A few of you reading may be some of those special eagles. But guess what… sometimes you have to step outside of the eagle crew to fully appreciate the span of your wings.

Have you ever just had too much F’s in your life??? I’m so serious! Are there moments when the negative F’s in your life overwhelm you and knock you out? Or do they creep up and whisper into your ear daily? I know I am not the only one, you wouldn’t be reading my blog if you didn’t face your own level of F every day. This is not a blog for perfect people. But for people who are trying/fighting to walk forward in spite of their inconsistencies. But to allow some clarity, I will make it clear. Have you ever had to fight Fear and its tag team partner, the energy that makes you think that you are a Fool??