• There Will Be A Bounce

    In life you are going to fall down. And by using the word ‘fall,’ I don’t mean a little stumble where you lose your balance for a millisecond. What I am referring to are the types of falls where your ego, emotions, finances, relationships and business drop so hard and so low that you taste the dirt. These are the type of failures and self-inflicted mistakes that make you rethink your whole existence while making you question if you are ever on the right path.

  • Being Her: Early Disclaimer Some May Be Offended By This Post

    I have three daughters and I even though I can tell them that being a woman is a wonderful thing. Raising them to be strong, intelligent women and telling them that they can do anything in the world [though true] can be a bit misleading. And I cannot lie to them and say that being a woman is going to be an easy thing.

  • Driving Out Fear

    This weekend, as I looked over my goals for the month, my long-distance friend, Fear, decided to stop by for a visit. For a moment, my to-do-list resembled Goliath, and a feeling of defenselessness and paralysis gripped me. Fortunately, I was able to usher Fear out by employing tools that allow me to reevaluate the reality of my situation and regain perspective.

  • Personal Construction Sites

    Starting over hurts…. moving on hurts…letting go hurts…growing hurts. To tell you that these periods in life will be fun-filled with colorful rainbows and fairy dust is to lie to you, and personally I prefer not to lie so early in the morning. In fact, I would rather rip the bandage off right now and let you know that change requires transparency, uncomfortable anguish and, in the beginning, you may even feel like you are going backward instead of forward.

  • Apple Core

    If you have been on my Facebook page lately, you may have seen when I posted: “You so busy chatting and judging Eve, when you still have a couple of apple cores caught in your throat.” Now this post came from a place of frustration, but it is still true. People…people…it is 2019 and we must-by now-know better.

  • Even At Christmas Time…..It Is The Thought that Counts

    It’s the thought that counts.” And in this instance, this is true…the financial outlay should never matter. The attention, time and thought that goes into picking a gift is the real gift. However, if we are being honest with ourselves, we can admit that the presents we give are often more reflective of our own egos and not genuine affection or attention.

  • My God, I want a Prenup!

    I found myself asking God for another prenuptial agreement. And no, prenups are not just for people contemplating marriage. They also can be considered a legal bond and, in my case, one between God and I prior to entering into a contract with each other [at least that is the way my mind defines it, and who am I to argue with my mind]. Now before you get all judgy and tell me how it is ridiculous to ask God to sign a prenup, do…

  • I Don’t Want A Fresh Start

    With it being the holiday season, a lot of people are already proclaiming [predictably] that they are getting ready for their fresh start in 2019. Past mistakes are all being wiped away and they are walking to the starting gate, ready to jump into the next year with no connection to their previous setbacks or blunders—a clean slate. No insult or shade to anyone, but I do not want a Fresh Start. I don’t want a do-over. I want to be able to take the…