• My God, I want a Prenup!

    I found myself asking God for another prenuptial agreement. And no, prenups are not just for people contemplating marriage. They also can be considered a legal bond and, in my case, one between God and I prior to entering into a contract with each other [at least that is the way my mind defines it, and who am I to argue with my mind]. Now before you get all judgy and tell me how it is ridiculous to ask God to sign a prenup, do…

  • I Don’t Want A Fresh Start

    With it being the holiday season, a lot of people are already proclaiming [predictably] that they are getting ready for their fresh start in 2019. Past mistakes are all being wiped away and they are walking to the starting gate, ready to jump into the next year with no connection to their previous setbacks or blunders—a clean slate. No insult or shade to anyone, but I do not want a Fresh Start. I don’t want a do-over. I want to be able to take the…

  • God Does Not Give Us Obstacles, He Gives Us Tools

    GOD God does not get bored in heaven and is not going to take out a jar of battles and obstacles to place in your path. Life is not a board game and God is not rolling a pair of dice beneath the clouds and shouting ‘snake eyes’ on heartbreak or ‘easy eight’ on personal attacks.

  • Episode Two: Forget About The Draw – We Play To Win

    This podcast is for everyone who has allowed themselves in their past to settle for average…who waited for someone else to give them permission to live. Today's podcast removes all of the formality and we come to face with reality. The time has come for us to know that we were not created to simply survive….we were not created to be average…

  • Finding Your Unforgiving Purpose

    You are you, and your purpose is greater than just being a member of any flock. Your timing and route to finding your purpose should not be predetermined by those around you or by society’s rules. There is no perfect way for everyone. Your path and your timing may not make sense to everyone else, but just as they can’t breathe your breath for you, so too they shouldn’t define your life for you.

  • My Mother’s Day Truth

    Too many persons ignore the fact that parenting is very difficult. Yes, on a day like Mother’s Day we try to overlook how sucky it can be. But the reality of motherhood is not all perfumes, flowers and pearls. Having children—whether biologically, through adoption or association—is a gift and responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

  • Loyalty… Loyalty… Loyalty

    With relationships, there are always some things we try to hide—as if they don’t exist—in what I like to call our ‘emotional closets’. We do this while telling ourselves how things will get better and hoping for the situation to change. I am here to tell you that this is a bold face lie. Every incident and emotion you have swept into the closet only stays there and rots....and with all things that decay, the stink will come out.