• Loyalty… Loyalty… Loyalty

    With relationships, there are always some things we try to hide—as if they don’t exist—in what I like to call our ‘emotional closets’. We do this while telling ourselves how things will get better and hoping for the situation to change. I am here to tell you that this is a bold face lie. Every incident and emotion you have swept into the closet only stays there and rots....and with all things that decay, the stink will come out.

  • Lifting & Raising

    Before we start today’s blog post, let me put the disclaimer out early… Disclaimer: I am going to upset some women with this post. Some of you are going to get all defensive, and I know many of you are going to roll your eyes, give real side eye and suck your teeth. I knew all of this before I decided to write on this topic. But guess what… I don’t really care. It is not about you, Boo. It’s about all of us as…

  • Forgiveness is Not a Gift

    A few months back, I wrote a blog post about forgiveness and how important it was. And though I promised myself to write part two, I just couldn’t. Writing for me is very personal and even when I try not to, parts of me still get engrained into my words, which made writing on forgiveness near impossible. I understood the forgiveness theory and yes, I guess I could have tied and twisted words together and made it pretty, but that is not my style. I…

  • T-Shirts are Now Available for Sale

    Thank you for your continued support over the years. Your motivation shows me that as a tribe we are definitely a force of nature. Together we can provide a line of support for each other as we all strive to live UnCaged Lives  

  • The Nine Days That My Breast Stood Still (Part Two)

    I was not going to focus on the end, but I was going to focus on what I was willing to do with whatever time I would have [days/weeks/months/years] and still try to encourage and inspire others. You may think that this is not a possible or realistic mindset, and I am okay with you thinking that [kind of]. I understand that everyone is different. But I am comfortable enough in my relationship with God, and I know that he is in control. My purpose…

  • The Nine Days That My Breast Stood Still (Part One)

    Everything was going well… I liked my new doctor from “hello,” my medical history was logged down and I was quite comfortable with all the tests being done. Then somewhere between what should have been the ‘everything looks good’ phrase and me leaving his office, there was a quick “hmmm...” You know those moments that, if you are not super attentive and observant to people’s body language and voice patterns, you could miss? Yes, this was one.

  • Lessons from Wakanda

    February is now over, and I hope that by now most of you would have already gone out to watch the Black Panther movie [at least once]. Today, I am going to take a little moment to talk about it. Although I could use countless posts to discuss my love for the movie or spend hours debating the movie, the movement and what it means for everyone, there are countless bloggers who have already spoken about those aspects of the Black Panther and, I think,…