Category: abuse


Though I knew homes that shared the never-ending support or the laughter that these tv shows depicted every week, behind closed curtains other homes substituted laughter and joy with bullying and verbal abuse. On the surface everything looked perfect to the average onlooker, but the sharp words exchanged, and the lack of real emotion and remorse would stay hidden under the family’s public persona, out of the view of their many guests or neighbors…..
A home is supposed to be a nesting place — a place where ideas, personalities and bodies are fed and nurtured. It should represent a place where people who are joined together by blood and/or love are united in positive energy. Though, I don’t expect it to always be a perfect unity, for as humans we are imperfect beings. Nonetheless, I do expect people to genuinely care and allow each other to find their own destiny, and not impose their selfish restrains to serve a twisted or unnecessary purpose. People should feel safe within their homes and not feel apprehensive of when another possible attack may occur.