I don’t think it is right for me or anyone to make the decision on if someone’s past performance in one area of their life should be a decisive and defining factor when it comes to determining their future. Who are we to say that their past results may not have been based on motivational factors and surroundings

Have you ever just had too much F’s in your life??? I’m so serious! Are there moments when the negative F’s in your life overwhelm you and knock you out? Or do they creep up and whisper into your ear daily? I know I am not the only one, you wouldn’t be reading my blog if you didn’t face your own level of F every day. This is not a blog for perfect people. But for people who are trying/fighting to walk forward in spite of their inconsistencies. But to allow some clarity, I will make it clear. Have you ever had to fight Fear and its tag team partner, the energy that makes you think that you are a Fool??

If I had my way, it would not be just a mere moment, but a movement where each eagle would use their wings/their resources and reach to help lift another eagle, until the effect continues to be seen worldwide. I no longer believe that my thoughts are to be limited to just dreams, so even if it starts with just me and my squad of eagles, the movement will begin.

Love…..one of the most powerful four letter words in the human vocabulary. Love is capable of inspiring and motivating people to create great arts and to accomplish miraculous acts. The thirst for love and the loss for love can also destroy hearts, souls, families and nations. But I am sure everyone knows this, or at least I hope they do.

This may sound simple to you, but this is more than a family joke, as everyone knows that I struggle to walk in heels. Heels were my nemesis; for decades, I avoided them for as long as I could and for as often as I could. I mean, I may have been the only girl at my prom who wore her gown with baby-kitten heels, and even those heels were ridiculously hard for me to walk in [don’t judge me, but I took them off early in the night].