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Lessons from Wakanda

February is now over, and I hope that by now most of you would have already gone out to watch the Black Panther movie [at least once]. Today, I am going to take a little moment to talk about it. Although I could use countless posts to discuss my love for the movie or spend hours debating the movie, the movement and what it means for everyone, there are countless bloggers who have already spoken about those aspects of the Black Panther and, I think, did it justice. If you want to get in-depth analysis and critique of the actors, the soundtrack, colors, setting, or the “thirst” [yes, I have seen social media thirst at a new level…Yes, Winston Duke, Tobago ground provisions fed you well!], I would suggest you go and read posts on the movie from bloggers such as Luvvie or Black Nerd Problems. Instead today, however, I am going to go micro in my opinion and focus on what me and mine got from the movie, and how we felt [just on three things out of the hundreds, I promise].