Eagles can fly together and they should support each other. But that does not mean that your flight plan is going to be the same as theirs. It does not mean that you will all nest at the same time and at the same heights. Some of us may be comfortable soaring at ridiculous heights, with only the strength of faith taking us higher. Some people may be more comfortable remaining at a safe height, where they feel confident that they would recover from a sudden fall. Then, of course, there are those eagles who, though they are fully equipped with the wings and even though they have seen examples of flight, they would rather sit back and analyze the flight patterns of their fellow eagles, discuss the ways that their own flights would be held down by the “other birds” or strategize for years on how they should take their first flight. Sounds familiar, don’t it? A few of you reading may be some of those special eagles. But guess what… sometimes you have to step outside of the eagle crew to fully appreciate the span of your wings.

…Human beings suck. They really do, and I wish I can say this more eloquently. But they really, really suck. They do stupid things, say stupid things and cause stupid thing to happen. If my daughter was reading this, she would give me a lecture on my word choice as I have told her many times that she should not call people stupid. But today I am excusing myself from being a good parent, and calling it as it is…. they can be [not all the time, but too many times, be a little] stupid

There will be many times when you will be in a similar position, you just won’t have enough resources, you may be in an environment where there are no mentors, supportive love ones or anyone who believes in you. You may have a dream where you feel ill-equipped and inexperienced to achieve your purpose. But guess what, you don’t have to be ready or have the resources or know the right people for God to do his work for you and through you. Stop thinking that miracles only happened in the Bible and for perfect people; go deep into the pages to find the truth.

The thing is…everyone is a work in progress. We are all made up of mosaic pieces, formed through the breaking and shattering of what we thought or believed to be whole. We have the tendency to over-examine and overanalyze each individual sliver, an exercise that culminates in the belief that we are nothing more than just worthless broken shards. But…guess what…that is not the end; we are merely unfinished. When our jagged fragments are rearranged with a new vision, and recombined with the faith that the Binding Agent is going to mold and cement them togethermaking them stronger than ever beforethis is when we come to the realization that we are continuously evolving into works of art, and that we are more exquisite than anything that could be found in any museum.

You look at what is in front of you, taking into account your gifts and talents and try to remove the excess weight of your fears, past experiences and external voices and try to find where you belong. Nervously you try to find a spot that resembles what you are ready for and what you feel confident enough to attempt. But wait, not only are the starting positions not named, they keep moving and shifting.