• July Magazine….And Big Notice

    Each year we set goals and dreams about what we want but never really stop to consider the work it takes, the sacrifices that have to be made or the change in mindset to achieve and sustain them. Instead we choose to remain in our lofty imaginations where we take no accountability for what is happening in our lives or the steps needed to move forward [blaming everyone else but us]..... In this month’s magazine we are going to show you how to take some of these actionable tasks. We are going to help you move forward as an entrepreneur and explore how love never dies. We will learn about…

  • June Magazine

    June is here! June is finally here!! Can you tell that I am excited?! If not, I may need to say it two more times…June is here! June is here!! My love for June may be a little biased—as it is my birth month—but when you look at its calendar position and generally the weather, what is there not to love?! In June you are able to look back and acknowledge the fact that you have survived. You may not be where you want to be, you may not have gotten close to achieving your goals, but during this month there is no judgment.

  • Beyonce’s 8 to 2

    By now many of you have seen (or at least have heard of) Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary movie on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, you should. And yes, I am actually suggesting you take a moment to watch Netflix. Beyonce’s Homecoming is an in your face wake up call to many of us, and I highly recommend you view it. [Disclaimer: There are a few unnecessary curse words in the movie but that should not deter you from the messages Mrs. Carter and her excellent production company brought to the screen.] Here are my three takeaways from this movie...

  • Driving Out Fear

    This weekend, as I looked over my goals for the month, my long-distance friend, Fear, decided to stop by for a visit. For a moment, my to-do-list resembled Goliath, and a feeling of defenselessness and paralysis gripped me. Fortunately, I was able to usher Fear out by employing tools that allow me to reevaluate the reality of my situation and regain perspective.

  • My Mother’s Day Truth

    Too many persons ignore the fact that parenting is very difficult. Yes, on a day like Mother’s Day we try to overlook how sucky it can be. But the reality of motherhood is not all perfumes, flowers and pearls. Having children—whether biologically, through adoption or association—is a gift and responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

  • Three Year Blog Anniversary: The Journey has just Begun

    Today marks Three years since the birth of UnCaged Phoenix. If you had asked me prior to three years ago if I could have imagined that this is what I would be doing, trust me the answer would have been No!!!! Nonetheless Uncaged Phoenix has developed into an inspirational hub where people can feel free to read about topics that are normally kept hidden under the family kitchen floor and away from the neighbors. It covers the topics that drive employees into the office bathroom with anxiety when they feel alone and powerless. It delves into the doubt and anxiety of being an entrepreneur or going back to school and…

  • Climbing Into Your Future

    I have pondered and pondered on what I would write about for 2018’s first blog post. I considered writing something real deep, bearing in mind all of the highs and lows of 2017. I considered something upbeat as a compass to where I would like 2018 to follow. Guess what? No matter how much I tried, the words in my head refused to behave and decided to come out the way they wanted to — with no real considerations to my feelings or my game plan. Life has been like that… it does what it wants when it wants and how it wants.