For our first Woman of Movement, we went all the way to the US and stopped in Michigan to find Malacia Shepard. I’m not going to prolong and bore you with my thoughts on the energy and potential that I see in this young woman. Instead, I will get right to it and give Malacia a chance to tell you who she is and where her life’s journey has taken her. In the end, I am sure you will feel the same way that I do.

For many of us, we have all experienced moments of like, infatuation, love and, if we are honest with ourselves, heartbreak…. If at this point you are going to say that you have never experienced heartbreak or pain as a side effect of love…. go to the doctor right now…. you may not have a heart. The thing is, we all grow up reading about [for those of us who loved reading] and watching on tv, characters who had fairytale love. They would meet each other one day, spend time eating ice cream or dancing in the rain, and by the end of the night they would be in love.

…Human beings suck. They really do, and I wish I can say this more eloquently. But they really, really suck. They do stupid things, say stupid things and cause stupid thing to happen. If my daughter was reading this, she would give me a lecture on my word choice as I have told her many times that she should not call people stupid. But today I am excusing myself from being a good parent, and calling it as it is…. they can be [not all the time, but too many times, be a little] stupid

If I had my way, it would not be just a mere moment, but a movement where each eagle would use their wings/their resources and reach to help lift another eagle, until the effect continues to be seen worldwide. I no longer believe that my thoughts are to be limited to just dreams, so even if it starts with just me and my squad of eagles, the movement will begin.