…Human beings suck. They really do, and I wish I can say this more eloquently. But they really, really suck. They do stupid things, say stupid things and cause stupid thing to happen. If my daughter was reading this, she would give me a lecture on my word choice as I have told her many times that she should not call people stupid. But today I am excusing myself from being a good parent, and calling it as it is…. they can be [not all the time, but too many times, be a little] stupid

If I had my way, it would not be just a mere moment, but a movement where each eagle would use their wings/their resources and reach to help lift another eagle, until the effect continues to be seen worldwide. I no longer believe that my thoughts are to be limited to just dreams, so even if it starts with just me and my squad of eagles, the movement will begin.

Love…..one of the most powerful four letter words in the human vocabulary. Love is capable of inspiring and motivating people to create great arts and to accomplish miraculous acts. The thirst for love and the loss for love can also destroy hearts, souls, families and nations. But I am sure everyone knows this, or at least I hope they do.