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Overcoming Failure.

Crafting a path away from defeat and doubt so you can live life with an open mind and heart.


You want to know a secret? This book was created just for you. Seriously, each word, each graphic, each paragraph was crafted to provide you with encouragement and support. The pages within were designed to help you move through the frustration & hindrance that failure and mistakes may have brought into your path.


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About UnCaged Phoenix

With over two decades of business experience and four years of supplying inspiration at, the UnCaged Phoenix team has the diverse background and empathy needed to deliver tangible research and actionable steps to guide each client, no matter where they are on their journey. The adaptability of our services, including the expectations for deadlines and deliverables, are designed to flex to our client’s demanding schedules and lives.

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What Our Clients say

"To me UnCaged Phoenix has been my saving grace. In 2018 I started my business venture (RYDE Elite), for which i must say proved to be a TASK . Without the unwavering daily support and motivation of Lisa Smithen I think I would be lost . UnCaged has taught me to believe in myself so much that I was able to take that leap of faith into the unknown, (aka the small business world). Take my advice, if you need assistance, or even just to talk contact Mrs Lisa Smithen of UnCaged Phoenix and she will help you spread your wings and take that FLIGHT. #uncagedphoenix"

V. Evelyn

"UnCaged Phoenix experience has been tremendous. The full measure of Lisa’s thoughtfulness transcends her blog articles, the Social Media posts, merchandise and coaching services. The same attention to personalized detail is evident throughout. My coaching experience was a welcome respite which ended a period of wilderness dwelling. The wise, encouraging, embracing approach provoked me to call myself to true introspection and action while she cheered me on. I looked forward to the emailed activities as much as the calls. Being part of the UnCaged Phoenix Family is something progressive people should be part of. I can’t sufficiently explain the sustainable excitement that the UnCaged Phoenix experience produces. In humbly sharing her story, Lisa manages to inspire and excite, AND propel you to want to become more, leading to the realization of my own dreams and being happy, grateful and joyous through your own journey of fulfillment."

S. Kelly


UnCaged Phoenix is a source of encouragement to help individuals transition through the various difficulties they experience in their day-to-day lives. We offer a judgement free zone and provide practical tools personalized to meet you where you are in life. Examples of areas covered include the fear of failure, self-esteem, career transition, rejection, life changes, faith, vision boards, education, self-care, and self-development. Our programs are designed to assist you with unlocking your full potential.


The knowledge and experience gained from over 20 years in business is applied to the core vision and mission of your enterprise. UnCaged Phoenix can assist with everything from business idea conception, strategic planning and organizational development to training, procedures, and restructuring—we have been there. With personal understanding of the self-doubt and fear that most entrepreneurs struggle with, UnCaged Phoenix combines tailored business solutions with real human support throughout the process of taking your company to the next level.

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